Sheer delight.

I know that I promised you guys that I’d publish a blog post every week this summer, but due to other commitments I’m sorry to admit that I’m only able to upload one every second week (more than likely every second friday). However if you really want to keep updated with my style or opinions, just like the blogs Facebook Page or just follow me on Instagram, as I tend to update them as regularly as I can. But for now, it’s time for my next blog post.

The days of covering every part of your body up is long gone, and the nights of showing off every asset you own is also in the past, these days fashion conscious women like the idea of flaunting what they’ve got in a more mysterious manner. Whether you’ve got lust-worthy long legs, an amazing washboard stomach, or a bust that women at Victoria Secrets envy, we’ve all got something worth flaunting. I certainly don’t have the best body in the world, I’ve got plenty flabby bits (my stomach loves showing how much I adore my chocolate) and I’m not afraid to admit it because no matter who you are, or what your job is, nobody is perfect. However, even though I’m not fond of my midriff, I do have areas that I actually enjoy showing off when I can. Whether it’s wearing fitted skinny jeans that show off my legs and supposedly (as my mom says) my lovely bum, or whether it’s wearing an a-line, cinched-in-at-the-waist, scoop necked dress to show off my Kate Upton wannabe boobs (which she actually once hated) and my “perfectly” hourglass waist, whatever it is I try my best to embrace the parts of my body that I like, rather than waste my time focusing on layering up, and hiding the parts that I strongly dislike. Sadly though, since the sunshine filled days are just around the corner I’m going to have to bite the bullet and “flaunt” the bits that I hate (thank god for the invention of full swimsuits and high waist bikinis, right?)

If a woman that looks as good as this hates a part of her body, then you shouldn’t be afraid in admitting you do too. 
I wish I had Ms Uptons figure though…

However due to forever changing fashions and trends, this summer it’s not all about showing off your stomach and competing against all women while attempting to walk out of the water Halle Berry style (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), it’s about showing off your body in ways that aren’t one bit slutty. This trend has been embraced hugely on the red carpet, and it’s one trend that I actually really love. It’s a way of flaunting your body, but also keeping it a little covered up. Yes, it’s time to go sheer and sexy. Now I’m not saying you should go all out and dress like Rihanna did at the CFDA last week, because frankly I think that someone should tell her that showing everything you’ve got, is never a good thing. Don’t you girls agree?

What I’m trying to say is that when you go sheer, don’t go so clear. I know that many of these sheer looks were seen on red carpets, but if Selena Gomez can pull it off at Coachella then there’s no excuse to embrace it on the beach, going for a shopping trip, or even heading to a summer barbecue. There are various ways of pulling off this trend, so I’m going to give you a lowdown of the most popular ones by using images of the famous beauties that have perfected this sexy trend.
Just Leg It
Follow in the fashionable footsteps of Blake Lively, Rosie Huntington Whitely and Ana De La Regura, and go completely bare legged with only a light layer of chiffon billowing over them. I love this style because it oozes sexiness and glamour, without looking one bit slutty.
Backless Serenade
This a style that has been around a lot over the past two years, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s hugely popular at red carpet events, even at my debs last year, it was one trend that every girl was dying to pull off. I think it’s one dress style that is absolutely gorgeous if it’s worn right. Whether you choose a completely sheer back dress, or a sheer lace back, or even go completely backless, just take the chance, roll your shoulders back, walk tall and make sure everyone that looks at you is envious of that killer, statement back dress. If style icons like Kate Middleton, or teenage style icons like Perrie Edwards and Selena Gomez, can pull it off, then why can’t you?
Who said underwear should stay hidden?
This is certainly not a style for the faint hearted or the self-conscious girls. I have to admit and say that every time I see a celebrity wear a sheer dress with a body suit or high-waist underwear underneath, I absolutely love how it looks. It sends off a very Mad Men like vibe which is a time that I adore because it was when women were adored for their curves rather than how many protruding bones they have, how flat their stomachs were or how wide of a thigh gap they have. I think that a woman with curves is insanely sexy, and what better way to flaunt their curves than to wear a sheer dress with a perfectly fitted bodysuit underneath.
Sheer Lace Luxury
There are very few woman that have pulled off this trend, and most of the women that have are in the music industry and bursting with body confidence and sexiness. This is the sheer trend that would be incredibly hard to pull off if you weren’t oozing with confidence, or if you didn’t have the perfect amount of curves and toned areas. I think that the majority of dresses that are fully sheer and lace are absolutely stunning, and I’d give anything to be able to pull them off but I don’t think I’ll ever have any hope of pulling off one. If you can make these dresses look good, then I salute you.
Just don’t go too sheer…
As much as I love the idea of sheer gowns, I think that there’s a fine line between sexy sheer, and slutty sheer. I personally dislike the idea of a deep V neckline, with a sheer overlay, but that’s personal choice, whereas the idea of sheer side panel in a dress just disgusts me. Ever since I saw Jamie Alexander at last years Thor premiere I built a hate for the sheer panel dresses straight away, I don’t get why there’s a need to show off your whole side, but yet still wear a dark, full length dress. When it’s lace it comes across sultry, but yet with a full sheer slit it’s just slutty as hell. It’s certainly a no-go in my opinion.
The question is, would you go sheer? 

Stylishly yours,


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