The Oscars of the Fashion Industry

Every year the Metropolitan Museum of Art holds a famous exhibition that solely revolves around fashion, and every year Anna Wintour organizes an elite ball that is inspired by that exact exhibit. This year the exhibit invited us into the world of the legendary twentieth century fashion designer, Charles James, who was known for his love of structural, elegant ballgowns. So the iconic Vogue editor Ms Wintour, along with this years co-chairs Bradley Cooper and Sarah Jessica Parker, created the simple, classic theme “White Tie Ball”. After last years controversial “Punk” theme full of thigh high boots, couch-inspired dresses, and studded ensemblés, I was hoping that this year would blow them all out of the water. Thankfully, I was not one bit disappointed (besides attention seeking Cara Delevingnes outfit). I know that you’re probably sick of seeing photos upon photos of last Monday nights event, but I couldn’t resist doing up a post about it.

The Good…

The Unforgettables
Whether it’s the Oscars, The Grammys or even your Debs, no matter what you’ll always have a favourite dress from the night, for me the MET Ball was certainly no different. I stayed up until two in the morning on Tuesday so I could watch the red carpet photos upload live, while also analysing every single one of the outfits with my friend Jayne along with e-mailing my sister photos of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. However no matter how many dresses I looked at on the night, three women weren’t able to leave my mind. If you’re not a fashion addict like me, you more than likely won’t be aware of these women, but if you are you’ll agree with me when I say that their style has been incredibly influential on todays fashion industry.
If you’ve never watched Sex and The City, then you really should start because Sarah Jessica Parker has a style that every girl should be inspired by, and at this years MET Gala she certainly proved that. In a stunning monochrome Oscar De La Renta gown, paired with white silk gloves, yellow satin heels and her hair in a flower embellished updo good enough to eat. Every year without fail, the women that made the name Carrie Bradshaw famous, SJP steals the spotlight and ever stops to flash her glistening white smile.
Karolina Kurkova is a model best known for being a ‘Victoria Secret Angel’. She has been photographed a large array of times for Vogue, and is constantly praised by the iconic Mario Testino for her body, her upbeat energy, and ofcourse her photogenic facial features. She is a model that I was never really well aware of, and I never took much notice of on the red carpet, however this year she was certainly unforgettable. She wore a stunning navy, hand-painted floral dress, from Marchesa’s 2011 Spring/Summer collection, which was paired with a simple silver neck piece and her hair in a subtle updo. If you don’t think she looks unbelievably stunning, you need to book an appointment with Specsavers.
This flame haired, pale skinned beauty is a girl that I’ve come to love over the past few years. She’s known for various things such as her short marriage with musician Jack White, her 2010 album ‘The Ghost Who Walks’ (which I have to admit, is actually pretty good) and of course her hugely successful modelling career. If you don’t know the name Karen Elson, you’ve been missing out.
Zac Posen Takeover
After this years MET Gala Zac Posen will be a designer that you won’t be able to escape from. This New York born designer has been around for nearly fifteen years, and has had a huge array of famous faces wearing his gowns, from Natalie Portman, to Claire Danes, to one of the first wearers, Naomi Campbell. There’s something about this designers gowns that women just can’t resist. I don’t know whether it’s because he adores femininity style dresses, or his love for structured bodices and full skirts, or just the overall elegance that his brand withholds, but whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it right. If it wasn’t for Mr Posen, this years MET Gala wouldn’t have made the new upcoming model Lui Wen, and actresses like Sarah Silverman and Maggie Q, style icons of 2014.

Love is in the air

When girls watch award shows, or fashion shows, or even reality TV programmes, they have a tendency to become envious of every couple they see. Whether those girls are single or in a relationship, they still observe couples and may be just a teeeeeenie bit jealous of them. Mondays MET Gala was a prime example of that, because how could any girl look at the red carpet and not be envious of how happy Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively looked, or how in love Jay Z was with Beyonce, or even how classy and coordinating the Beckhams were. Us girls can’t help but be envious of them, from their wardrobes, to their wallets, and from their arm candy to their genuine happiness. No matter how many girls say they don’t care about relationships and boys/girls, trust me they do.

The Bad and The Ugly 

Topshop Take-Over

I have nothing against Topshop, infact I actually quite like scrolling through their website and envying the people that own some of their products. However in my opinion Topshop is a high-street brand, and it should stay that way. I honestly think that Topshop clothing should stay on the rails in one of their high street store rather then on the bodies of models like Kendall Jenner, Jourdan Dunn (who I adore) and Toni Garrn at high fashion events like the MET Ball. Now I’m not saying that the dresses weren’t nice, because they were actually far from that, but I just think that events like Mondays should be left to well-known fashion designers rather than a high street store.

Painful Patterns

There’s nothing I can really say about these dresses because all they do is make me cringe with disgust. I don’t even want to mention who created these catastrophes, but I think that the women wearing them should’ve chose different designers. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves…

Stop the Crop tops

I don’t know why people adore crop tops so much, but I just hate them. I don’t know if it’s because I’m jealous of the toned stomach women that can pull them off, or if it’s because I wish they kept their bare midriffs to the beach and the bedroom, but whatever it is I just really dislike them. I don’t mind when girls wear them with high waisted skirts or pants, or if they wore them over a jumpsuit or dress, but when they wear them as a red carpet ensemblé it’s just not right. As much as I adore Emma Stones quirkiness, or Anne Hathaways bright smile, or even Rihannas catchy tunes, I was pretty disappointed in their wardrobe choices for the biggest fashion event of the year.

I’d love to hear all your opinions on this years MET Gala red carpet, so don’t be afraid to drop me a comment/message on Facebook, comment below this post or even e-mail me. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and are now excited for next years MET Ball, I know I certainly am.

Stylishly yours,




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