Maybe you shouldn’t be a trend follower…

One thing that I absolutely adore about Summer is the injection of bright colours and bold patterns into the high-street shops, however this summer I’m not too keen on their use in the menswear department. Now I’m not saying that I hate when boys dress in colour, because I actually love when guys take the chance and experiment with different shades, I’m saying that I’m not fond of the wide array of bright floral tees, primary colour snap-backs, and the new obsession to the ‘American sportswear’ style. Usually I’m the kinda girl that loves new trends, and has a huge amount of respect for anyone that’s willing to embrace those new trends, but this Summer I’m not going to feel that way about the few fashion obsessed guys. I used to always love when guys wore high collared, short sleeved shirts, bold coloured shorts, and simple converse or slip-on vans, but the trends this season don’t really include any of them.
I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve recently surrounded myself with guys that have an edgier more “rebellious” style (Mr Turner anyone?), or whether if it’s because my attraction to well-known guys like Jamie Campbell-Bower, George Craig, and even Harry Styles, has tripled over the past few months, or even if it’s because I’ve come across too many guys in college that dress like wannabe-trend-following-hipsters and I just don’t like the style. Whatever it is that has spoiled my fashion taste, has forced me to strongly dislike the summer collections that various high-street shops have to offer guys this season.
Lucky for you guys, I’m going to focus this post on the exact trends that I’m not particularly fond of, so if you don’t like rants or actually like these trends, you might want to look away right about now.

Fabulous Florals

Fabulous is the only word I could use to describe this trend for guys, because that’s exactly what it is. It’s full of gorgeous prints, soft shades of blush, fuschia and any pinkish colour that exists, and is something that women can’t resist. However that’s the problem, women can’t resist this pattern on clothing because they can never resist flowers, but when straight guys wear these floral printed t-shirts it doesn’t ten d to have the same effect. Many women may adore when guys wear clothes that have a flower print adorning them, but for me it makes the guy seem less attractive. I have a feeling that this happens because floral tends to give off a less masculine vibe. Designers like Gucci, Prada and Tom Ford may have focused their S/S collections on this beautiful pattern, but It’s not something that is easy to pull off. I know some guys have actually been able to work this trend, but that’s usually because their personalities ooze confidence and charm. In my opinion, most guys should either avoid this trend completely or take the chance and scrub up on perfecting their confidence and flirting skills. However if you’re a gay guy, then I would embrace this trend with open arms because it’s one trend that you guys can pull off flawlessly, and make hipster straight guys completely and utterly jealous.
To be honest though, the only time floral prints work incredibly well is on board shorts.

Snap it back off

This is one trend that I’ve had a strong dislike for as soon as it hit the shelves of high-street shops and turned  80% of guys into “cool” clones of each other. I ranted in a previous post about my disliking of these hats, so I’ll keep it to a minimum this time. All I’m going to say is, if you’re a guy that loves wearing snapbacks during the summer, my respect for you will decline unless you’re personality makes up for it. I on’t know what it is about these hats, but I just don’t like them and I think they automatically make guys unnecessarily-overly-confident for no apparent reason. I must admit and say that when guys wear them backwards during the sunny weather, they do look good, but when you get idiots that wear them on nights out or indoors…I just want to ‘snap’ it off their heads and throw them in the fire. I don’t care if you look like annoying Mr Bieber, want to be Chris Brown or have a love for Kanye West (even if he does pull them off!), they still look stupid.

03 london fashion week real style

All Hail America

I have a gut feeling that this trend is going to be absolutely everywhere during the coming months. I don’t know whether it’s because the ‘High School Musical’ phase is making a glorious comeback, or whether it’s because guys are starting to become openly jealous of One Direction and wanting to clone themselves into looking like Niall Horan or Louis Tomlinson, but whatever it is, it’s just a bit too bland for my liking. I think it’s because I always hated when guys wore nothing but tracksuits, hoodies and crappy football jerseys, so when I saw the big trend for this summer was sportswear, I just wanted to cry. Now I’ve nothing against guys that love their sport and dress sporty, but there’s a fine line between dressing sporty and dressing incredibly lazy, with sportswear. I just think that sportswear should be left to the guys that actually get off their asses and play sports, not guys that aren’t bothered to wear any other style clothing.
Also, if any of you boys own any sportswear in the colour grey, burn it.

Okay, okay so maaaaayyyyyybe I was just a little too ranty with this post, but everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, right? I know that many of you guys might actually adore the trends that I hate, so I’m sorry if I’ve offended your wardrobe for the upcoming season, but not everyone can be on the same page when it comes to fashion. I’m all for guys embracing trends and showing off their personalities through their clothes, but if you can do it without snapbacks and garish floral tees, the odds of me approving of your style choices would be quite high. Why’s the colourful board shorts, or the plain coloured chino shorts, or even the high collar, short sleeve shirts gone from the rails? I think that the high street should bring back the surfer style trend, then River Islands menswear window would be definitely worth a second glance.

Stylishly yours,



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