When I grow up, I wanna be just like you.

The fashion industry is a world that is constantly changing from technology to fashion week locations, and from catwalk trends to designer brands. However one of the biggest changes in recent times has been the people that have inspired our daily style. The girls and guys that have spent endless hours typing up posts, taking outfit shots and investing most of their time in pleasing their fan base, yep the people that inspire me everyday on Instagram and Facebook.
Fashion Bloggers.
I’ve recently got into the habit of checking my Instagram feed every morning before I get out of bed. I don’t know why but I love waking up and seeing various different “Outfit-Of-The-Day” shots from well-known bloggers, as I feel that it helps me get inspired for what I’m going to wear that day. However last weekend it was just a pain in the ass because the majority of my favourite bloggers were at Coachella and I was beyond envious of them. If they end up at Glastonbury, I’ll end up deleting my Instagram with a rage of jealousy.
So today I decided to do up a post introducing you to my top five favourite bloggers. You might know them, or you mightn’t, but let’s just say if you don’t think they’ve gorgeous style then you’re an idiot.

Angela Scanlon
When I first started blogging, Ms Scanlon was the first fashion blogger I found and have since been obsessed with her style. Angela Scanlon is a Dublin born presenter, fashion writer, stylist and also a proud fellow redhead. She’s currently living in London, but has been photographed various times with her many famous, fellow Irish friends (Niall Horan, Niall Breslin, Laura Whitmore, etc. etc.)
When my love of fashion blogging blossomed I e-mailed her asking for advice and within a few days, she got back to me telling me that she loved my blog, my outfit photos and how I’ve such a passion for fashion at such a young age (I was only sixteen at the time). I love how she’s never afraid to voice her honest opinions, to dress in crazy colours and clashing patterns, or to admit her wedding fears as a columnist in Bash magazine. Whether she’s spotted at the IFTAs, or roaming the streets at London Fashion Week, Angela never fails to look amazingly stylish and bursting with happiness, all in one. I also cannot wait until she gets married, ’cause I’ve a feeling her choice of gown will be just stunning, and effortlessly quirky.

Chiara Ferragni
This 25 year old Italian blogger has such an addictive personality that you can’t help but love her. You may not know the name, but I can guarantee you know her blog name “The Blonde Salad“. She has over two million followers on her personal Instagram page alone, over 700,000 likes on the blogs Facebook page and has had various popular collaborations with fashion brands such as her stunning collection of shoes with Steve Madden. Her blog has certainly been a huge success since its birth back in 2009, due to her wardrobe changing from affordable clothes to nothing but designer ensemblés.

Kristina Bazan
Kayture is considered one of the most influential and stylish blogs in Switzerland. It was founded by Ms Bazan and her partner back in 2012, and the fame of it has rocketed ever since. Kristina Bazan is the ideal women for young girls to be inspired by as she is a successful model, stylist, blogger, singer and has worked with various high-end fashion brands like D&G, Dior, Mango, and many many more. She is constantly travelling around the world with her partner, she dresses impeccably while he photographs her every move, and her half a million Facebook love every moment of their fashionable, envy-worthy, adventures.

Leandra Medine
She described her blog, The Man Repeller, as “Good fashion is about pleasing women, not men, so as it happens, the trends that we love, men hate. That is fantastic.” and I couldn’t agree with her more. Medine began blogging back in 2009 with her first humor and fashion focused blog ‘Boogers & Bagels’ which she constantly mentioned the phrase “man repeller”, which she then used as her new blog name to in 2010. What began as a hobby for her, has now evolved into a worldwide phenomenon, and even has three employees working for her with the blogs writing and advertising. She even published her own book last year (September 2013) which she creatively named ‘Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls’, and it’s the next book on my “must read” list. If it’s anything as good as her witty articles online, it’ll be worth every page turn.

Flávia Desgranges
You may not know the name, and you may not even know her street style blog, but I bet you’ve seen her style shots on weheartit.com, or tumblr, or even lookbook.nu. However with over 200,000 Facebook likes, and over 4,000 people sharing her posts, she’s more known than you think. Now I know it’s hard to enjoy scrolling through a Blog that’s in Portuguese, but her outfit shots alone are enough to make you love her. She’s a girl with beautiful hair, body to die for, and a wardrobe you just want to steal every piece from, how could you not want to be her?

FashionCoolture - 19.04.2014 look du jour As Marias (2)FashionCoolture - 15.04.2014 look du jour As Marias (3)FashionCoolture - 09.04.2014 look du jour Dafiti (1)

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and can now understand why I have such a love for fashion bloggers and street style fashion. If you can’t get your everyday-outfit inspiration from them, then who can you get it from?

Stylishly yours,

(P.S: Sorry I haven’t posted in just over a month, but I promise I’ll get much more consistent over the summer and hopefully in general. I’m always updating my Facebook page though so don’t ever be afraid to drop by and say hi.


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