Sandy toes and Salty kisses…

There’s nothing I love more than spending my days strolling in the summer sun in my gladiator sandals, or braving a swim in the ocean with my friends, or even just sitting out in my back-garden reading Vogue with the sun blasting down. One other thing that I absolutely love about summer is having the opportunity to go travelling during the summer months either with family, friends or even on my own. I had planned to go away for the full three months of this summer to Au-Pair in France, however due to my upcoming jaw surgery this summer, I had to postpone my plans. Then again, there’s always next summer right? Overall though this year really has been one full of ever changing plans. So whether you’re spending your summer at home, or  if you’re lucky enough to be going abroad, then hopefully this post will give you some inspiration on what you should pack for those memory-making days by the seaside. I’ve been struggling with blog post ideas over the past month and due to college commitments I haven’t been able to get the chance to post. However now that the majority of my assignments have been submitted and that my friend Lynn helped me come up with the perfect blog post idea, I decided to finally get back into it. I really have missed sitting down with my laptop perched on my lap, and typing for minutes on end about nothing but fashion. Today’s post is going to be focused on swimwear as this year there are so many styles, shapes and prints available. I’m going to talk about my top three favourites from this seasons swimwear trends and how you don’t need to have the body of a V.S model to embrace this trend.
However this post is going to be a bit different as I’m going to do a little less writing and see it as a giant collage full of swimwear. It’ll be photos of celebrities embracing the trend, compared to the swimwear style that you can get from your local high street. I hope that this post will give you the inspiration you need to hit the beach for the summer.

Fabulous Fifties

I think that there is nothing sexier than a swimsuit that allows women to embrace their curves just like Marilyn Monroe did many years ago. The fifties era was all about women that actually had curves. There was no such thing as a thigh gap, or prominent collarbones or a need for a washboard stomach, it was just about women flaunting their stunning curvy figure. What better way to do it then on the beach, in a flattering halterneck, bra-like swimming togs that hugs your womanly shape in ever way. Now I know many girls (especially the girls my age) are going to say that this look is silly and too old-fashioned, but in all fairness if Blake Lively can embrace it, why can’t you? This is a bikini that actually suits 90% of body shapes, especially if you’ve broad shoulders as it draws attention away from them and more towards your neck and bust area. I’ve already three swimsuits in this shape because it’s such a good match for my figure.

High-Waist Bottoms

This is a trend that many girls love and are trying to recreate themselves, but many of them aren’t able to pull off the actual trend. It’s a trend that musicians like Beyonce and Florence Welch, love to embrace when swimming in the ocean, and I have to admit they always look good. The reason they can pull off the trend is because they make the bikini the main focus and not try to merge the forties vibe with modern fashion. I also think that it’s a trend that tends to suit more toned women, but in reality if you’ve got the confidence, you’ll nail the look. The only problem is if you’re a girl with a Kim Kardashian bum, I wouldn’t recommend these bikini bottoms as they’ll only make your bum look bigger…no offence.

Bustier bras

Every time I see a low-line/bustier bra, I get envious of anyone that purchases it. There’s something I find so attractive about them, whether it’s a bikini top or an underwear bra I just love them. I currently have my eye on a tribal bikini bustier top, and it’s just beautiful. When I tried it on I automatically felt confident just because it hides alot more and draws more attention to your waist, which is probably the only part of my body that I genuinely like. Also it’s a perfect for girls with a fuller bust as it’s just like wearing a normal bra, but with extra support.
I was unable to find any paparazzi photos of well-known women wearing this trend, so I decided to just post all photos of bustier bikini tops that you can find in your popular high street shops.

I hope that this post encourages you to go out there and roam the shops for the perfect swimsuit. Before I go though, I just want to say something small to all the girls out there. When you’re buying a swimsuit or by the beach/pool wearing one, make sure you feel comfortable in it. Don’t wear a certain style because everyone else is wearing it, or don’t wear something skimpy and uncomfortable because there’s guys around, or don’t just wear one because it’s on trend. If there’s anything you should learn from this post, it’s to not be afraid to be yourself on the beach, and most importantly go find a swimsuit that suits you and your body shape.
Every girl is different, so what may suit one girl amazingly, might look dreadful on you. I’ve learnt this the hard way because a few years ago I used to always wear the triangular shape bikini tops and swimsuits with simple two straps, and trust me they looked disastrous on me. However last year I spent abit more money than usual and invested in swimsuits that suit my body shape (the 1950’s halterneck bra-like swimsuits) and now I cannot wait to spend my days on the beach because I’ve finally found a swimsuit that suits and makes me feel happy and confident.

Just go have an absolute blast this summer. Run straight into the cold sea and get salt in your hair. Build a sandcastle with your friends. Eat nothing but ice-cream while wearing kick-ass sunglasses. Most importantly, just don’t be afraid to be yourself and have fun.

Stylishly yours,

P.S: If you’ve any questions about what kind-of swimsuit would suit your body shape, don’t be afraid to message me on Facebook or e-mail me.


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