"I don’t really know how to do casual clothes."

One thing I love about the new year is the constant change in seasons. No, I’m not talking about the natural change from winter to spring, I’m talking about the Award season. Whether it’s an award show based around upcoming films, or one aimed at music enthusiasts, or even if it’s one that mocks every single one of them, I love it. There’s just something so exciting about watching the well-known people that inspire you, walk the red carpet in a stunning designer gown or a well tailored suit and to watch them accept an award with nothing but a smile on (or tears streaming down) their face. It always has been, and always will be, a tradition with my sisters and I to analyse every single detail of every dress that glides along the red carpet and spend the next morning spamming each other with Facebook posts and e-mails about every celebrity ensemblé that we love and hate. It’s one thing that no matter where we are in the world, and no matter what the time difference, we will always do during February and March of every year. So I decided that since all the big award shows are now over and my favourites are all topped up and ready, that I’d write up a post with nothing but very little writing and tonnes of images of my top three favourite gowns from the five most well-known award shows, starting from the most recent.

The 86th Academy Awards

That may be the official name of the American movie awards that take place every year, however to you and I it’s more commonly known as The Oscars. The first of these award ceremonies was held in L.A’s Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel back in 1929. Whether you love going to the movies, or follow the lives of the rich and famous, or even if you don’t like any of that, I can guarantee that you’ve watched the Oscars at-least once in your lifetime. This year alone it attracted over 43 million viewers and one of the main reasons was that the iconic Ellen DeGeneres presented it wearing a large array of stunningly tailored suits. Gravity may have swiped the show with seven awards, but Sandra Bullock wasn’t the one of the girls that won my heart with her choice of gown.  My top three favourites consisted of the Best Actress Award winner on the night, the leading lady of the most talked about film over the past few months, and the Burberry model that graced the carpet alongside Mr Cooper.
The famously talented Cate Blanchett was definitely one of my favourites from the start, as she accepted her award looking as graceful as always in a softly embellished nude Armani Privé gown. She definitely stood out from the crowd that was obsessed with black.
However, even though my friend Kat and I spent the night giving out about all the black gowns, Margot Robbie was the only exception. She looked flawless in her black, sequined corset, bow back Saint Laurent dress, which was accompanied by her new dark hair, dark lipped image.
Last, but certainly not least, on the night was the beautiful one shoulder Marchesa worn by Mr Coopers girlfriend Suki Waterhouse. Even though there were a stunning mix of ballgowns on the night, I was still disappointed by the lack of creative, bold dresses that could’ve braved the 2014 Oscar red carpet.


British Academy Film & Television Awards

Sounds like such a fancy long winded name that you’ve no clue about right? Well I’ve a feeling you’re well aware of the BAFTA’s, which is just an acronym of the name of these British Awards. This is a unique award show as the British Academy itself is actually an independent charity that comprises of 6,500 members between the U.S.A and U.K that work in the film, TV and games industry. The Duke of Cambridge (Prince William) has even been the president of the Academy since 2010. This years BAFTA red carpet was certainly an unusual one, and completely different from the Oscars. There were plenty style choices that were loved and hated by many people, which you’ll see from my top three as I can guarantee not many people will agree on my choices.
Angelina Jolie was hands down my favourite of he night. Usually she goes for an elegant, figure hugging, carpet skimming gowns, but this year she chose a simple YSL tuxedo paired with black patent heels and a loosely open bow-tie.
My other two favourites were Helen Mirren in a stunning navy blue Jacques Azagury gown, and the love/hate orange and fuchsia Vivienne Westwood ensemblé that Lily Allen took a chance wearing on the night. It was bold, and disliked by tonnes of people, however I loved it because it was bold, fussy and of course, a Westwood.

 Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, BAFTA Film Awards 2014


The Brit Awards 

This is the Mastercard sponsored event that brings together a large array of well-known musicians, nominates them for various awards and then gets them absolutely wasted during and after the show. The amount of sober people at the show decreases in size every year, 2014 was no different. Last year Mumford and Sons couldn’t be interviewed without one of them falling off the couch, while this year Mr Turners speech was a fine example of a drunken slur. I don’t get why they all need to get so full of alcohol, but at least nobody ruined their dress with red wine! This year the men in their tailored suits stole the fashion eyes on the red carpet, however there were still “three” top favourites.
Now I know there are three of them but since they’re in a band aaaand they’re siblings, I decided to count the girls of Haim as one. They may have all dressed simply in black ensemblés, but it’s how they make it look so effortless and steal-able is what I love (I also have such a weakness for these sisters!) Alana, baby, Haim looked very on-trend in a black leather jacket and origami skirt pairing, while Danielle went for a timeless pairing of loose fitting black tux with a chiffon white shirt, and of course my girl Este looked as flawless as always in a black, sheer midriff maxi dress, which she paired with her trademark matte red lipstick.
Ms Goulding was certainly my main favourite of the night. She may have changed her outfit more than once, but her entrance pastel pink and white dress (which was yet again another overly-fussy Vivienne Westwood creation) stole my heart. I know alot of people hated it, but there’s something I liked about the pairing of a wedding-like-gown with chunky heels and a messy plait that screamed typical Ellie to me. There’s nothing I love more than a girl dressed in an outfit that is perfectly her.
My third favourite was the ever-so-perfect Pixie Lott. Yet again the Nasty singer wore an incredibly short, girly dress that showed off her envy-worthy legs. It may have been a simple, short, high-low dress but, because it fit her in all the right places and showed off her figure without making her trashy, she looked gorgeous. If only she brought her incredibly handsome boyfriend Mr Cheshire along aswell…

The Grammy Awards

This is the award show that everyone is dying to leave a winner, but very few are lucky enough to get a hold of the eagerly coveted golden gramophone. This year Macklemore and Ryan Lewis certainly stole the show, from their bold velvet and houndstooth suit choices, to their now-iconic live rendition of ‘Same Love’ with Madonna where they allowed 33 couples to marry during it, and of course their four wins on the night. However as much as I loved their suit choices, there were a large array of women that just looked as dashing in their choice of designer frocks.
Hands down, without any doubt, Katy Perry was my favourite on the night in her choice of the statement off-white, full length tulle, Valentino couture dresses. Ever since I saw this finale dress from Valentinos most recent couture collection, I loved it. How could you not love the messiness of the tulle skirt, shoulder detail and the printed music note detail on the fabric itself?
My other two favourites were Sara Barellies wearing a stunning white high low Blumarine dress, which she paired with vibrant red accessories. I also absolutely adored the cheekiness of Kacey Musgraves second dress. Now I know loads will probably say it looks like an old fashioned lampshade, but I loved the quirkiness of the embroidered detail and the contrast of navy and bright pink silk fabric. The dress is cute and quirky, just like this talented, upcoming country singer.


The Golden Globe Awards

When the Golden Globes are on, that’s when you know award season is about to kick off and all the red carpet gowns are going to be dusted off. It may have started all the way back in 1943, but it’s still as well known and popular today. In my opinion, this years Golden Globes had the better red carpet out of all the 2014 award shows. I just loved how there was such a large array of colours, styles, fabrics and even Sofia Vergara hid her boobs away for once! When I saw all the photos from the night It got me incredibly excited and pushed my hopes up high for the rest of the season, however I was completely disappointing overall as nothing impressed me more than the Globes.
Zooey Deschanel in Marchesa impressed me most. I loved the delicacy of the tulle, high low skirt that allowed her to flaunt her pearl embellished heels, which matched the crop-top-like overlay on the dress. The gown complimented her minimal make-up and pale skin perfectly, as always.
Giuliana Rancic looked absolutely stunning in her deep pink, almost burgundy, Lorena Sarbu chiffon gown. Yet again, this dress was embellished across the bust area and a simple tulle skirt, which I think looks stunning and tends to suit most body shapes as it hides an problem areas and allows you to just focus on the dress, your hair, makeup and accessories. The things that allow you to make a dress truly your own.
The soon-to-be Mrs Kutcher (number two) was another show stopping, yet simple, part of the Globes 2014 red carpet. The stunning flower detailed halter neck gown, glided gorgeously along the red carpet. The various shades of grey (no there wasn’t 50 shades) sequins reflected the camera flashes perfectly and complimented her simple make-up and slicked back up-do gracefully. She is one woman that many girls want to look like, and many guys want to have, and I can’t disagree one bit.

Overall, the 2014 award season was quite disappointing when it comes to statement, unforgettable ballgowns. However, there were still a large array of dresses that I’d kill to have hanging in my wardrobe alongside my debs dress right now.
I hope that you enjoyed skimming through the post, and that you agree with most of my choices. If you don’t, don’t be afraid to comment and tell me why.

Stylishly yours,


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