Lets hear it for the boys.

One thing that I’ve noticed a lot recently is that guys are starting to become more fashion and style conscious. Now I know this is something that has been gradually happening over the past few years, but thankfully guys have started to realize that wearing chinos and a check shirt doesn’t make you automatically stylish. That’s not how fashion goes. I have to admit that some guys genuinely suit this trend, but what I love recently is that more guys are being a little more brave with their style and who they take their ‘image‘ inspiration from. Thanks to our variety filled music and fashion industry, there has been a massive increase in the amount of well known men that have a love for fashion…and no, they’re not gay. Whether you’ve a love for indie-pop music, or want to blare nothing but edgy rock, or even if you’ve got an obsession with R’n’B, there’s definitely an incredibly unique, style conscious guy out there for you to be inspired by, and hopefully after this post you’ll get an idea of which guy’s for you.

Indie Rockers

Alex Turner
The 28 year old Arctic Monkeys front man has been quite a topic of conversation recently due to his drunken, philosophical, acceptance speech that he made at last week BRIT Awards. Many people were outraged at how obnoxious he had became, and how far he had come from the 20 year old guy that burst onto the music scene back in 2006. However he regained back his (little bit that was lost) respect last night at the NME awards by joking about the speech saying “I used all my best shit last week.” I know that AM are a band that you either love, or hate, but there’s something about Mr Turner that you just can’t resist. In recent years he (and bandmate Matt Helders) has come along away and completely revamped his look, to a more edgier, rockier, young-James-Dean-like image. Thanks to him, leather jackets are finally back on the menswear radars. Lets just say if he ever sang ‘R U Mine’ to me, there’d be no hope for the guy.

George Craig
Mr Craig may not be a name that you’re familiar with, but if you’re a guy that wants to dress more fashionably, then you should get to know the name. He’s mostly known for being the lead singer of the British indie band One Night Only (and for being Diana Vickers boyfriend of two years). He joined the band back in 2003 when he was only a kid, and since then has released two albums and had become quite a LFW regular due to his ever growing friendship with Burberrys Christopher Bailey. Mr Craig is one guy that I always have a huge respect for when it comes to fashion, because he never fails to disappoint me with his outfit choices. Whether he’s dressed in a simple tee and skinny jeans ensemble, or i he’s wearing one of his coveted Burberry macs, or even if he’s wearing a well tailored suit, he always looks flawless. He also follows me on twitter, so I can’t not love him.

Bearded Dragons

Nick Wooster
There’s a 98% chance that you’ll have absolutely no idea who I’m talking abotu for the next few sentences, however there’s a slight chance that you may have seen a photo of him online or in a magazine for his street style. Nickelson Wooster was once senior vice president of brand, trend and design for the American retail giant J.C Penny’s. Most recently he bought a partnership stake in the menswear retail stores, Atrium NYC. This man is an absolute genius when it comes to styling and tailoring. He knows exactly what styles, lengths and shapes suit him perfectly, yet he’s never afraid to be a bit bold and creative when it comes to dressing up. He also has a beautiful obsession with well-tailored, statement patterned blazers. I was always one of those girls that said I wasn’t keen on tattoos as they never look good on older skin, however when I came across this street style star, my mind was changed.

Jack Guinness
This six foot, handsome bearded guy is a man of many traits. To you he may be just an incredibly photogenic male that does alot of modelling, or he may be a very fashionable DJ, or he may just be a London socialite that happens to be photographed (and linked) a lot with Alexa Chung and sometimes even Harry Styles. This guy is definitely one you should keep an eye on when it comes to menswear trends. I know that he usually dresses quite formally, but it’s more about his suave and his ability to make simple shirts or turtle-necks, look impeccably classy, and how he makes a beard and long hair look high fashion,

All ‘rapped’ up

Patrick Okogwu
This may not be a name that anybody would be familiar with, but Tinie Tempah is one that is quite well known, especially in Ireland and the UK. He burst onto our radio streams back in 2010 with his incredibly upbeat, BRIT winning single, ‘Pass Out‘. No matter where you’re from, or what accent you have, you can never “sing” a Tinie Tempah song without putting on a dodgy English accent. Many people think that rappers all wear the same style with overly baggy hoodies and ill-fitting trousers, however Tinie is a guy far from that life. Whether it’s the BRIT awards, London Fashion Week, or even just his own concert, he’s always the epitome of stylish. He’s never ever afraid to wear the boldest suit possible, or brave the ankle grazer trouser and loafer trend. He’s the ideal image of a charming, classy, London boy.

Ben Haggerty
If you don’t know this guy, then you must’ve been living under a rock for the past year. He is an american guy, but has very strong Irish roots and is never afraid to flaunt it. He’s also a huge lover of searching the rails in a vintage clothing shop, or as he likes to call it “Thrift Shop”. Yeah, you’ve guessed it Macklemore. Since the year 2000 he has been releasing mix tapes and EPs alongside producer Ryan Lewis, however it’s only in the past two years that he has come onto the chart music scene. If there’s anyone out there that doesn’t like “Thrift Shop”, or gets annoyed by “Same Love” then you won’t want to be a friend of mine. “Can’t Hold Us” was used as the soundtrack for the 2013 Miller ad, and ever since then he has been on repeat everywhere we go. His hairstyle has also become a huge obsession with every second guy I see, I don’t know why though ’cause it has yet to suit any guy that isn’t Mr Haggerty. However if you’re able to pull off dressing like him (or even Ryan Lewis), then I approve already.

Now I’m not saying that every single guy out there should dress identical to every single one of the above charming boys. I’m just giving you some well-known guys that you might be able to get style inspiration from, as I’ve said before, there’s really nothing better than a constantly well dressed guy.

Stylishly yours,


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