Childhood flashback.

For some strange reason I can’t seem to be able to contain my excitement for this summer. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m excited to turn nineteen, or because I’m finally going to be getting my jaw operation over and done with, or if it’s because I’m going to Marley Park to see Mr Turner and the boys. Whoever thought of putting Jake Bugg, Miles Kane and Arctic Monkeys (and Royal Blood, but I’m not too keen on them) together for a concert, is a genius and I love them.
I also cannot wait to unleash my summer wardrobe. It’s not that I have anything special ready, it’s just that I absolutely adore spending my days in shorts, flowy smock tops, short dresses, maxi dresses, and of course the old reliable, flip-flops. This summer though I think is going to be an interesting one for the style stakes because there’s one trend that I hope will take off, (but in a cool way, not a trashy, slutty way) and that is Dungarees. I know most of you are probably dreading the thought of having to wear something that you absolutely hated as a child but don’t worry ’cause, even though they’re back, they’re different this time round. I spoke in a previous post about how they were one of my obsessions for winter, but since I’ve a feeling they’re going to big this season I said why not do a bigger post on them? After this post, you’ll see how and I hope you’ll want to drop everything and go in search of your perfect pair.

Dexys Midnight Runners
I bet that no matter what music you guys are into, there has been atleast one time where you’ve watched the music video for “Come on Eileen”, and loved it. Now I’m not saying that you should go out and wear dungarees with nothing underneath ’cause I’ve a feeling that mightn’t go down well with society. However what I aaam saying is that even though there are a large array of dungarees trends, it’s hard to beat the classic that Dexys wore in their classic video. I know that full lenght, baggy fitting dungarees are considered a hard trend to pull off, but they’re actually much easier than you’d think. You could wear them casual with a navy striped tee and converse á la Kiera Knightley, or you could dress them up with chunky wedges like Alexa Chung or Alessandra Ambrosio. Whether you dress them up in a Parisian like manner, or just throw them on casually with a pair of Doc Martens, once you’re confident and comfortable there’s no stopping you. 
Who likes short shorts?
I already have a pair of short dungarees and I absolutely adore them. They’re so easy to wear with just a simple plain tee, chunky tights, a statement necklace and whatever ankle boots/docs matches. I’ve only ever worn them casually, however over the summer I hope to brave it and dress them up with a high collared shirt, a pair of heels and a scattering of chunky jewellery. What girl wouldn’t want to be comfy and dressy all at the same time? Whether you follow in my footsteps and wear them with tights and a plain tee, or copy the uber summery Rachel Bilson and pair them with your bikini and flip-flops. In my opinion, if you don’t buy a pair of short dungarees this season you’ll regret it and spend your summer days being jealous of those who did invest in a pair.
Pop of colour
Whether you’re a guy or girl, one of the huge trends for this summer is bright colours, from primary shades, to pastel delights and even to florescent fancies. The high street is following this trend and displaying simple dungarees in a large array of colours and styles. I honestly think that coloured denim dungarees would be a hell of a lot easier to wear than plain denim because it just looks like a simple jumpsuit. You can’t deny that you want Rita Oras bright red one, imagine how much fun you’d have with it!
Lucious Leather
This is a dungarees style that only the brave and bold girls will take a chance with. I, myself, wouldn’t have the guts to pull a full lenght, skinny leg, leather jumpsuit off, but I’ve seen a good few at this years Fashion Week that have pulled them off effortlessly. In my opinion though, I think that the simpler the accessories worn with leather overalls, the better. If you want to follow Rihannas footsteps and wear it over a baggy hoodie, don’t let me stop you, but it wouldn’t have my stamp of approval on it. Whereas if you follow in Miroslava Dumas nude heeled footsteps, and pair yours with a colour co-ordinating tee and a statement necklace, then you’d get a perfect high five from me. Fashion is all about confidence and bravery, but sometimes the simpler the outfit, the better you feel.
Wallpaper sheek
You can’t deny that you feel a teenie bit jealous seeing girls that are able to pull off patterned overalls, and look nothing like your grannies wallpaper. Whether it’s subtle paisley, pastel check, bright tartan or a clashing floral print, it can be pulled off just like Ashley Madawke with her simple monochrome ensemblé, or Anna Sophia Robb with her chunky nude wedges, or if you’re brave enough, clash it with another patterned piece like Fearne Cotton. The only thing I’m going to say is if you brave the printed overalls look, you should break out and pair it with heels as if you wear flats, it may “drown” you.

Now I know not many people will be brave enough to embrace this trend with open arms, but I think you should bite the bullet and take the chance with even a short pair. They’re incredibly easy to wear and surprisingly comfortable. Honestly, what’s not to love?
Stylishly yours,


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