Carrot top crushes.

If a girl ever tells you that she doesn’t have a girl crush, or that she can’t admit to saying another girl is attractive or “hot”, she’s not being a hundred percent honest with you. I don’t know why, but 90% of girls hate to admit that there are some female celebrities that they find insanely attractive. I don’t know whether it’s because they think it’s weird, or that guys will think they’re a lesbian, or even if they think that it’s “not allowed”, but whatever it is it’s stupid. On the other hand there are a great handful of ladies that will gladly stand up and admit that they have a girl crush, or many. I just happen to be one of those women. I never have and never will be afraid to admit that I find other women attractive, however I don’t mean I’m attracted to them it merely just means that I think guys are idiots to not think they’re beautiful and that I wish I looked as heartbreakingly stunning as them. So tonight I said why not write a post containing the top five famous women/girls that I adore, however be warned most of them are gorgeous, incredibly bubbly and a little bit cheeky, redheaded women. What can I say, have a weakness (and an aching jealousy) for fellow redheads.

Karen Gillan

You may not know her real name, but I can guarantee you know the name ‘Amy Pond’. This twenty six year old girl has blossomed infront of our very own eyes ever since she became the girl who waited for her raggedy doctor on BBCs hit show Doctor Who. As soon as I saw the first episode with her and Matt Smith, I knew I’d be in awe of her. I don’t know whether it is her adorable scottish accent, her feisty personality or her ability to be herself and not care, but whatever it is I love it. My lecturer said something to me to the other day that I feel relates to her personality even more than it does to mine, ‘infectious’. That’s exactly what she is, from her bold natural red hair and pale skin, to her quirky, edgy fashion sense, there’s nothing about her that doesn’t make you want to smile. One thing that I love about her style is that she always wears something pretty and feminine, and puts her own edgy, masculine twist on it. You’ll never her in an ensmble that’s plain or too on trend, which is something that I admire her for.

Holland Roden

I only came across this gorgeous girl a few months ago when I started watching Teen Wolf, ever since I haven’t been able to stop (heeellooo, have you seen Tyler Hoechlin?) If a twenty seven year old girl can get away with playing a character who’s meant to be ten years younger, then you’ve got to salute her. Most young, upcoming actresses are afraid to mix up their style and be bold, however Ms Roden is a perfect example of the opposite. She always finds a way to make a statement with her fashion, yet never be the centre of attention. One thing I love is how she embraces her natural red hair and flawless pale skin, while always adding a dash of bold red lipstick, which is one thing I always love on redheads. Holland Roden is definitely one girl that should be watched for 2014. She also fancies Harry Styles, so I think we’d get on very well.

Lady Gaga

Stefani Joanne Germanotta rocketed onto our screens in 2008 singing her lungs out to the catchy tune of ‘Just Dance’ which she drunkenly wrote the morning after a crazy night out in L.A. She’s a woman that no matter who you are, or what kind of music you like, you should be inspired by her. She has her own ‘Born This Way’ foundation that stands up for bullying, she’s a gay rights activist (and wore a whole outfit made of meat for it), she has sold over 23 million albums worldwide, she has sold out arenas in a matter of minutes, is currently the face of Versace, and even though she’s only twenty seven years old, she’s worth $190 million. If you still disrespect her, then you’re an idiot. She is one girl that you just have to admire, from her bravery with fashion, her passion for music and her absolute adoration and belief in every ‘little monster‘ out there.

Emma Stone

No matter how many films I watch that Ms Stone is in, I can guarantee that I’ll relate to 90% of the characters she plays. ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love‘ is the perfect example since she plays a redheaded girl called Hannah who never stops talking, is incredibly bubbly, has a sarcasm flaw, and has a habit of falling for assholes. I’m just hoping that I’ll also end up with a Ryan Gosling sweetheart kinda guy, (or Andrew Garfield…) She may be a natural blonde, but when she dyed her red she didn’t want to leave it go. She’s the kindof girl that can look stunning in a red carpet gown, while still being able to look gorgeous in a simple tee and jeans, the kindof girl I hate to love.

Florence Welch

If anyone asked me who my ultimate girl crush is, Florence would definitely be the first girl that’d spring to mind. There’s just something about this flame (dyed) haired, modelesque, London born beauty that I’m in love with. I love her boho, hippy style that she never fails to portray in her daily wardrobe, her red carpet ensembles and even her tour outfits. She mixes glamour and glitz, with hippylike chiffon and lace, effortlessly. However no matter how much I love her style (and her collection of hats), her voice and music is the side of her that I love the most. That girl has the voice of an angel, and the sooner she comes back on the music scene, the better!

I hope you enjoyed my rambling about my top five girl crushes, and I bet you’re not one bit surprised at how two of them are natural born redheads. I just can’t help it. I know there are plenty of times that I absolutely hate my hair colour, but then I see photographs of Karen Gillan, or a poster of Florence, or watch an episode of Teen Wolf, and I can’t help but feel proud that I’m a gingie. No matter how many people have told me to dye it in the past, or have insulted me because of it, they’ll never get me to change it.
For all the guys out there that have shouted at me driving past, cursed at me, or been complete assholes to me because I’m a redhead, be warned Karma’s a bitch.

Stylishly yours,



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