Boy, you got style.

Everybody knows that twice a year, every year, fashion week kicks off in all the big cities starting in the Big Apple and ending in the beautiful city of Paris. However not many know that every year there is also an array of fashion weeks for the menswear collections. As I currently write this post, the menswear collections are being shown along the Parisian runways. I can honestly say that 90% of the pieces on the runway are far from what any guy would wear. It was full of bright colours, bold patterns, fitted suits, and thankfully a large amount of tailored coats and jackets.
Since most of my recent posts have been focused on what people, on the streets or in the limelight, are wearing I decided to do a post just for guys on what trends are ahead of them for the next A/W season and next S/S. Now not many of them will be embraced by the high street, but there’s no stopping guys from taking the chance and doing it themselves.

Autumn/Winter ’14

Chunky Knits
Nothing like a thick knit, chunky jumper to keep you warm during a murky autumn day. You can go from wearing them with jeans during the day, to pairing it with chinos for a party, or even wear it with (something that I hate but can work) tracksuit ends on a lazy day. Whether you’re a style conscious guy, or a guy that really doesn’t care about fashion, you can wear chunky jumpers in any shape, size or colour. Follow in the footsteps of Burberry for an over-sized chunky knit, or be like the models in the Louis Vuitton & Armani shows to embrace the mohair or striped jumper trend, or even be brave and invest in a Gucci carpet-like jumper. Just remember that fashion can be cosy and comfy if you choose right.
Leather Jackets
All I can say is, THANK GOD THEY’RE BACK. If there’s one item of clothing that I could invest in for a guy, it would be a fitted, black leather jacket. There’s something about a guy in a leather jacket that I always think looks insanely attractive. If you don’t trust me, then you need to google Alex Turner in one and then thank me afterwards. From Jill Sanders Aviator Jacket, to Diesel Black Golds embellished jackets and their wet-look bomber jacket, to McQueens perfection of a leather jacket, there was a wide variety of leather jackets but which one will you be brave enough to wear?

Doctor Who anyone?

If there are any guys out there that have always wanted to show off their inner tenth Doctor, next autumn is their time to shine. According to designers behind the brands of Burberry, Marc Jacobs, McQueen, Kenso, Louis Vuitton and the iconic Dolce & Gabanna, the trend of long, tailored woolen coats is on it’s way. If they’re worn right with a chunky scarf, then they can make a guy look incredibly classy. If Harry Styles can pull them off, any guy can.

Summer/Spring ’14

Printed Shirts

If any of you guys have ever been to Hawaii and took the chance to buy a floral print, high collared shirt it’s time to whip them out of your wardrobe and embrace the summer mood. Don’t be afraid to button them upto the top, wear them with simple shorts and throw on a pair of vans, converse or even flip-flops. I know that not many guys would feel confident enough to wear these bold shirts, but there’s no harm in starting off with a simple design and then slowly easing your way into the bold pattern trend. It’s all about experimenting and having fun in the sun.

Shine bright like a diamond

If there’s one trend that you must embrace next summer, it’s the brightest shades of primary colours. Whether you embrace bright blue, vibrant red or sunshine yellow, you can pull it off without a problem. You can either follow Christopher Baileys advice to clash and layer up every colour, or match them with simple greys and taupes like Louis Vuitton, or embrace nothing but blue like Calvin Klein. If you can’t be brave and wear bright colours during the summer sun, then why even go outside?

Trail Blazer

Now I know you’ll probably laugh and say that blazers are always in season, however they’re not always used as coats during the day. I know that blazers and shorts on guys are always considered the ‘posh boy’ look, but I’m going to be honest and say that if a guy can pull of a blazer, he can pull off anything. Blazers are like leather jackets, if paired with the right items then it can make a guy look so stylish that he’ll be guaranteed to break a few hearts. Whether you go for short, loose chinos or skinny jeans, and a plain white tee, lets just say if you also take the chance and pair it with a trilby hat…call me.

I’m hoping that my advice has been helpful to any guy out there wanting to know what’s going to be facing them on the rails of the high street in the coming months. Just don’t be afraid of them, be bold, be brave and have fun. Just don’t forget that before you start investing in these pieces, first spend time in finding the perfect plain white tee. I promise you won’t regret it if you do.

Stylishly yours,




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