All work & no play? NEVER.

2014 has just begun, and I already have a good feeling about it. I know that January is always quite a murky, dark, cold month for a large majority of the population, however I think that if you just forget about what everyone else is feeling and just have fun you’ll kick the new year off to a perfect start. My plan for the new year is to work harder in college, blog a hell of a lot more, push myself to get fitter and a more toned figure, focus more attention on learning french, notch up my flirting skills, take more chances, and just have fun being a fresher in college. I know that sounds like a hell of a lot of work but, with a little motivation and focus, I’m going to try my very best to fulfill each and every one of them. Life’s too short to live without any aspirations and goals. However, before I start getting all intense about fulfilling my new years resolutions I decided to ramble about something else instead. Something that I hope this year will be full of, and something that I know plenty people around my age just loves.

Nights out, parties or, what some people love to call them, sessions.

Being a first year college student, nights out are one of the things that are constantly on my mind. No matter how many times I do brave it out, I always have the same problem of deciding what I’m going to wear. Should my outfit be dressy or casual, will I wear tights or go bare legged, am I going to I dress warm or just ignore the weather outside, or the most common question that I ask myself before I go out…should I wear flats or brave adorning my feet in heels? There are so many questions a girl asks herself before going to a party or a nightclub (and I haven’t even mentioned hair or make-up yet), while guys seem to have it ten times easier. However as times and trends are constantly changing, so are the outfits that girls (and even guys) wear as they spend their nights dancing (and more than likely flirting) their asses off. Sadly there are many girls that find it hard to keep up with trends, so I said I’d do a post and help you girls out. Be warned though, I may start ranting about how much I dislike body-con dresses and crop tops, so I’m sorry if you tend to always wear them.

 Back to Black 

I know that every woman will tell you that you cannot go wrong with a LBD (that’s a little black dress, just incase you weren’t upto date with the lingo) and you’re probably sick of hearing about them now, however you really should listen to every single one of those ladies. Little Black Dresses came onto the scene when Gabrielle Chanel made one to make a good, and lasting, impression on society and, her one and only, Boy Capel. Karl Lagerfeld certainly carried on Chanels love for the wardrobe staple as he once said “One is never over or under dressed with a little black dress.” A simple, yet a hundred percent true, statement. Whether you go for a simple shift dress or a skater dress, for a lace dress or completely plain one, or even for an incredibly short hemline or knee length , no matter which style takes your fancy you should never have a wardrobe without one.


There’s nothing more important that you should have in your 2014 party wardrobe, than sequins and sparkle. I made a post not so long ago rambling about my love for everything wearable with sequins, and I’m not finished with my adoration just yet. When you’re at a party or in a nightclub nothing catches your eye better than a girl wearing a sequined dress. Whether it’s a bodycon, skater, a-line, puffball, or even a playsuit, I can guarantee that if you wear one, you’ll definitely catch someones eye. You may even be the center of attention in your strobe light loving dress, so why not take the chance and buy one? Once you wear it it with incredibly simple accessories, and a dash of bold, matte lips, you’ll be a girl they’ll never want to forget.

 Walking in the Nude 

If there’s anything Kate Middleton has taught us since she has been the centre of attention, it’s that nude heels should be in every womans shoe closet. Whether you brave the sky high heels, chance the chunky mid heels or just go for a practical mary-jane low heel, once you have at least one pair, you’re sorted for every night out. However if you’re like me, you’ll have all three of those because you have an unhealthy obsession with wanting to make your legs look longer. I know you’re probably thinking “How can one pair of heels make your legs look longer?” but I promise you, they can. If you can find a pair the closest shade of nude to your skin colour, and wear them with bare legs (hence a skirt or shorts that show some skin) it will elongate your legs giving the illusion that you’re taller than you actually are. If you don’t trust me, try it for yourself and then tell me I’m wrong.

 Leather Delight 

Leather shorts may sound like an item of clothing that wasn’t created for the faint hearted but ever since I bought a pair, I’ve loved them. I own a pair of tan high waisted ones, and a black pair with a frilled leather waistband. They’re the ideal wardrobe staple for an organised-at-the-last-minute party, you can pair them with any kind of top, blazer and shirt possible, while wearing them either over tights or with bare legs. I promise that if you invest in a pair, you’ll thank me for it.

 There’s always a place for lace 

If you have started the new year with no lace dress in your wardrobe, then you better hit the high street straight away. One thing that the S/S’14 shows showed us is that lace will be one of the huge this year, so why not take advice from the iconic brands and buy a simple, fitted, bold coloured lace dress. Whether you go for fitted or a-line, long sleeved or short, statement back or low neckline, whichever you choose just don’t be afraid to act confident, classy and of course sexy in it. If Nina Dobrev, Eva Mendes and Miranda Lambert can look incredibly sexy in one, then why can’t you be brave and follow in their stylish footsteps?

 Bodycon? Sure g’wan 

I’m going to be honest and admit that I have a strong disliking for bodycon dresses. It’s not that I hate them and hate girls that wear them, it’s just I, myself, find them stereotypical. Every night I go out I can bet around €100 that I’ll see at least one out of every five girls wearing either a knee length, or an incredibly short, bodycon dress. I know that some girls never fail to look amazing in them, but there’s always a handful of girls that don’t look the greatest in them. In my opinion (and no offence to any girl, whatsoever) I think that only girls with toned figures should wear these skin tight, fitted, on trend dresses. Now I’m not saying that only stick thin girls can pull off these dresses, because that couldn’t be further from the truth. Hellooooo, have you seen Kelly Brook or Khloe Kardashian in one? She constantly wears bodycon dresses and I have yet to see her look recently bad in one. These dresses look ten times better on girls with curves, but I’m just saying that if they’re toned they tend to be better suited to bodycon dresses. That’s one of the main reasons why I never ever wear these fitted, figure hugging dresses, as I’m not one of those lucky, toned stomach, beautiful girls. Lets just say if you can pull of these dresses, you can luckily pull off anything.

 My top three party fashion trends to be left in 2013 

 Stop the crop tops 

Anyone that knows me well, knows exactly how much I detest the whole crop top obsession. I don’t know why, but when I see girls on a night out wearing crop tops it puts me in a bad mood. I just don’t see why girls have to go and put every thing on show, as 90% of girls that wear crop tops pair them with a really short (probably not even high waist) skirt and incredibly high heels. This therefore leaves a little to the imagination, and I don’t understand why girls would want to have no mystery about them. I’m going to be truthful here and say to all you girls that wear their crop tops like this, please stop. Guys that are all over you, when you’re dressed like that, want one thing and one thing only. Try not to (be like me and) fall for their charming ways.
In reality if a girl wears a crop top with a high waist skirt/shorts, which only ends up in showing a slight bit of their midriff, works well. If you show your belly button, that’s when you know it’s time to go home. However I still think it should be an item in your wardrobe that you should shove to the back (or atleast keep them until your summer holidays).


The Middletons may be awfully fond of these dresses (yes there are peplum tops too) but I’m certainly not. Honestly I don’t particularly get the point of this trend. I know it’s meant to be great for girls with an undefined waist, but I don’t think that it does the trick as good as a cumber-band or a wide, elasticated, waist belt, paired with an a-line skirt/dress. The only peplum dresses I actually like are the ones that are two toned to create the illusion of a top and skirt (like Scarlett Johansson in the red and blue Prada creation). However if you do own a peplum dress, I still think it’d be best to avoid wearing them in 2014. There is, and will be, plenty other trends that I can guarantee will flatter you much more and you’ll love even more.

If you can’t walk in it, why wear it?

You’re probably laughing to yourself and thinking “that sounds like something my dad says when I buy a new pair of heels” however unlike your practical thinking dad, I’m not talking about sky high, ankle breaking heels. I’m talking about the midi length, tightly fitted skirt that a large array of girls wear on nights out, and always end up walking like a penguin because they can’t move their legs properly. I know that they do look good on most girls, however if you can’t walk, run or even dance in them, why wear them to a nightclub? Now I have to give credit to the girls that use their creative brains and cut a slight slit in the back/side of the skirt, as this makes them more wearable and much easier to “navigate” in. In my opinion though, I think that this is another trend that should be curled up and pushed to the back of your drawer.

I hope that you’re now ready to hit the town looking stylish and feeling nothing but confident and sexy. If there’s a party planned ahead of you, don’t be afraid to knock them all dead in a killer outfit and an even more murderously dark lip. Just have fun and enjoy every minute you spend on the dancefloor.

Stylishly yours,



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