Wolfish fashion.

Happy New Year!!!

What better way to start the new year then with a new celebrity crush? 

Well, who knew that a TV program revolving around werewolves would be so addictive? Well I certainly didn’t but here I am, in the space of a week, already in the middle of season three. I know not many people are fond of supernatural, stories that revolve around the life of romance obsessed american teenagers. However when you have guys like Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O’Brien, Daniel Sharman, and the ever so beautiful Colton Haynes, you can’t help but fall in love. As much as I love every single one of those heartbreakingly handsome men, there’s something about Mr Haynes (even though I do love the others too) that I love just a little more.

Colton Lee Haynes was born in Kansas, just like Dorothy. He moved to NYC at the age of fifteen to pursue his modelling career for Abercrombie & Fitch. In 2007 he began to make once-off appearances in various films and TV shows. Ever since he “left” Teen Wolf in 2012, he’s become a recurring character in the, comic based, hit show Arrow.
Now, in all honesty he’s not the best actor in Hollywood today, but he does have such beautiful physical features. Since he’s been in an array of fashion campaigns like Ralph Lauren, J.C Penny and also been photographed by well known magazines like Teen Vogue, Arena & even XY Magazine. I don’t know whether it’s his bright bluish green eyes, his perfect big smile, his freckled, tanned skin, his flawlessly chiseled cheekbones or even his amazingly toned body, that makes every girl in the world go weak at the knees. Whatever it is though, he should exploit it to his full advantage.
There’s one thing though that surprised me, and is still surprising me about Mr Haynes. His eye for fashion. He is one guy that has a love for style, and he never fails to show it to the public. From tartan suits, to bowler hats, and even to leopard print loafers.

Suits it

I know that when a guy wears a suit he automatically looks attractive. However that’s an understatement when it comes to Mr Haynes in a suit. I don’t know if it’s the way he stands tall, with shoulders back and a well angled pout on his face, or if it’s just that always suits them (no pun intended!) What I really love about him in suits is that he rarely just wears a simple black suit and tie with a white shirt. He always enjoys experimenting with different colours, patterns and even shoes.

He’s got one hell of a jacket collection

I never saw a guy that could have such a wide range of jackets, from the simple denim blazer, to a bad boy black leather jacket, to a I-would-totally-borrow thin knit cardigan, to a very bold houndstooth leather jacket. I know if I was his girlfriend, I wouldn’t be afraid to raid his wardrobe every now and then…secretly of course. Leather and denim jackets are always wardrobe staples for men, however very few guys can pull them off right. Leather jackets need to be worn with confidence and need to be part of an edgy outfit. While denim jackets, should NEVER be worn with the same colour denim jeans. I was a bit disappointing when I saw Colton Haynes doing it, but I just hope that not many follow in his footsteps. I think that the only way to wear a denim jacket is with tan, burgundy or denim chinos, or with black jeans.

Colton Haynes

Hats off to Haynes

I don’t know what it is but I find that when guys can pull off a beanie or a trilby hat, I automatically find that guy attractive. Ask Ryan, and he’ll agree with me. Everytime I’m with him either in college or on a night out and I see a guy wearing a thick knit beanie, and probably well dressed, there’s a 90% chance I’ll say it to Ryan that I think the guy’s hot. Therefore it’s another reason why I find Colton Haynes awfully easy on the eye. Thanks to JustJared Mr Haynes has been spotted many times wearing either a snapback or a flat peak cap, with one of his friends (or Holland Roden, who I’m hoping is/has been in a relationship with him). In all honesty, if a guy can pull off a black bowler hat then how can he not be considered one of the most stylish guys in Hollywood?

Colton Haynes & Ally Maki: TopShop Twosome

Stylishly side by side with Holland

Even though Colton Haynes is my new celebrity crush, Holland Roden is also one of my new girl crushes. How could I not love her? She’s beautiful, a fellow natural head, hopelessly adorable, and never fails to look stylish and edgy every time she hits the red carpet. Therefore everytime I see a photo of Haynes & Roden arm in arm strolling through the streets, or posing at a celebrity event I can’t help but smile. They just look perfect together. If they are together, or if they were, I hope they get back and have a long lasting relationship. Also, knowing that he likes redheads makes me even more proud to be one.

Now I cannot go a whole post about Colton Haynes, without showing a photo of what first attracted me to him…and to Teen Wolf in general. If you put a topless Tyler Hoechlin, a shirtless jock Colton Haynes and the beautiful Daniel Sharman in a show, can you blame me for loving Teen Wolf?

Stylishly yours,



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