You’ve certainly got that one thing.

I know some people are going to strongly dislike this post, but since they’re one of my weaknesses and they’re awfully stylish I said why not post about them on their official day? Yeah you’ve guessed it, the boys of One Direction. Who knew five guys under the age of twenty five could have two billion youtube hits, sold nearly ten million copies of their albums, sold out Madison Square Gardens in ten minutes and gain an average of twenty five thousand twitter followers every day. There’s not one person out there that can deny how much they’ve achieved in the past three years, and I can guarantee that at least one out of every two people knows every word to their first number one hit “What Makes You Beautiful“. Since today is the first ever official #1DDay I thought why not write a blog about them, and their style? Well in reality it’s a subtle post praising their stylist Caroline Watson, but someone still has to make the clothes look good right? Yes they may not have started off with much sense of style (well besides Mr Tomlinson), but boy have they changed their ways. Since each of the boys have pretty individual style I decided to write about each of them singly rather than a big “blurb” about their style as a band.

Niall Horan
No matter what, no girl can resist the charm of a cheeky Irish boy, not even Katy Perry could. Ever since the blonde haired, sixteen year old boy got told by Simon Cowell that “you came unprepared, with the wrong song, you’re not as good as you thought you were, but I still like you.” a killer smile stretched across his face and that smile has never left him since. Who knew that a kid from the small Irish town of Mullingar could conquer the world, have a smile that brightens up many girls days and be considered a heart throb in America? Then again he does dress like the typical american boy that tends to break girls hearts. He started off with an annoying obsession with hoodies, to having an array polo shirts, to wearing vests like Heath Braxton, to now having a laid back, surfer/skateboarder(esque) style. He’s probably the only guy that makes high-top runners look pretty damn sexy. He’s also after making braces attractive, which I, myself, personally thank him for.

One Direction Niall Horan

Zayn Malik
There’s always a shy, artistic, smoker within a group of guys, and Mr Malik here is One Directions one. His escape is his art, his cigarettes de-stress him and he’s never one to enjoy being the focus of in an interview. We were first really introduced to him when he refused to dance on the Xfactor, and ever since then he’s certainly gained confidence, learned how to not care and to just have fun. Zayn always had a “bad boy” style with a love of band tees, leather and denim jackets , that never really changed with fame, whereas his hair has had more style changes than I’ve had new shoes. Whether it’s a new cut, a new fringe or a blonde streak, he’s done it all. I think it’s a way of showing the world he’s artistic and not afraid to show it. Perrie Edwards is one lucky girl.

Liam Payne
Mr Payne has probably changed the most over the past three years. He’s never really been single so he’s always had someone beautiful alongside him, and he’s never looked bad beside them either. His hair has had an array of cuts and styles, his sense of style has evolved and he’s even went from the good, respectable boy to the tattoo loving, bad boy. He auditioned for the Xfactor at the tender age of fourteen and was turned away because of his innocent age, but when the seventeen year old took the stage in 2010, he shocked them all. This batman obsessed guy has went from wearing everything baggy and bulky, to being a little bit more tailored, to now dressing like a sporty bad boy. Liam is one guy that you can tell how old the photo is, by the style of his hair.

Lets just take a moment to appreciate Liams…posture…

Harry Styles
Y’know the way some people have a list of “celebrities” that they’d drop everything for if they came knocking on their door? Well, for me, Harry Styles is on my list. Ever since he walked onto the audition stage and said “Ehhh I work in a bakery”, he had me. I don’t know whether it was my weakness for green eyes, curly hair or his bright dimpled smile, there was just something about the sixteen year old Cheshire boy that I liked. When I met the boys back in 2012 in Dublin airports arrival area, Harry was the only one that acknowledged me. Yeah I looked absolutely dreadful because I had just spent the past twenty six hours travelling from NZ, and yes I was starstruck and speechless, but he still acknowledged me. Their manager wouldn’t let me take a photo with them, but Harry being such a gentleman begged the manager to change his mind. It may not have worked, but that little gesture alone made my day. He may be considered a player in the medias eyes, but in my eyes he couldn’t be better. His style has certainly come a long way from his Jack Wills obsession. He’s went from dressing like a typical teenage boy, to wearing bowties, blazers and nothing but Burberry. However he still needs to quit with the check shirt and ankle boot look.

Louis Tomlinson
Tommo may be the eldest member of One Direction, but that certainly doesn’t make him the least stylish. Ever since the beginnings of the band Louis was always the funniest, the cheekiest and best dressed. He was the guy that you couldn’t not love. Okay, “Hey There Delilah” may not have been his best moment, but his voice has certainly improved. Whether it was his constant messing and joking around or his love (well, now hate) of carrots, you had to love him. His style has definitely changed over the years from his love of braces and ankle-grazer jeans, to his unique (well unique from the other boys) red carpet choices. I also cannot mention Louis without mentioning his beautiful, incredibly fashionable girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. They’re such a well dressed, attractive couple that it hurts. As much as I love Mr Styles, Louis should be the one to be winning all the awards for style. If One Direction ever part ways, I hope to god that Louis enters the fashion industry. Maybe I might even meet him there sometime…

<img alt="Larry
Louis Tomlinson - One Direction at The Brit Awards

I’m sorry for all you One Direction haters, but you have to admit that these boys certainly know how to dress well and there’s nothing better than a well-dressed guy.

Stylishly yours,


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