"How can you live the high life if you do not wear high heels?"

One thing that really annoys me in magazines today is their new obsession with articles surrounding street style trends. Yes I have to admit I’m absolutely addicted to street style websites and books. However I find it really annoying when magazines don’t acknowledge some of the well-known people from the fashion industry. I’m not saying that all magazines do this, but a large handful of them do. They seem to just spend their pages focusing on celebrities that don’t have great style, or just obsessing over Victoria Secret Models (Yes we all love them, but there’s only so much perfection a girl can handle without whipping out the Ben & Jerry’s). There are three women that are constantly captured by street style photographers (Scott Schuman being the main culprit) because their style never fails to be incredibly unique, colourful and very on-trend. Sadly though, they’re rarely ever recognized by so-called “Fashion magazines”. However I’m going to spend this post rambling on about them, and I can guarantee you’ll never not be able to identify their impeccable style again.

Taylor Tomasi Hill
A woman who’s known for her flaming red hair, pale complexion and constantly evolving style. She went from interning at W magazine, to landing a job as the accessories director for Teen Vogue, then moving onto being Marie Claire’s accessories editor and has just recently left her job as Moda Operandi’s e-commerce site creative director, after just two years. She has spent her life travelling and working with fashion, a love that she says was always part of her life. What’s different about this girl is she isn’t like the average woman in todays fashion industry, she has proudly admitted that “I’m never afraid to re-wear things that I know work for me.” Something that not many woman in the fashion industry are able to do. She also got married just last year, to her childhood sweetheart in a stunning J.Mendal grey chiffon gown. She’s a woman that is much too underrated for her style.

Anna Dello Russo
She was once described as a “fashion maniac”, considers herself as a “passionate fashionista” and spends her days being the Fashion Director and Editor-at-large of Vogue Japan. After spending eighteen years as fashion editor of Vogue Italia, she knows everything there is to know about fashion and she’s never afraid to show it. This style icons fashion is more unique, more colourful and much more braver than any twenty year old girls style today. Every year when the street style shots from fashion week get uploaded, she’s the woman I always look out for. Her brave style and obsession with unusual hat choices never cease to amaze me.

Miroslava Duma
A Russian beauty who was once the editor of Harper’s Bazzar Russia, and is now a freelance writer along with being Digital Media Director of TSUM. She is constantly being stalker by street style photographer Tommy Ton for her creative, yet awfully neat style. Duma is only twenty eight years old, but has style that a huge amount of fashion conscious girls envy. With over-200,000 instagr.am followers she is constantly updating and giving us an insight into her daily life, impeccable wardrobe and shots of her adorable little boy. I didn’t think a girl younger than thirty could have such a huge collection of beautifully tailored coats. She’s a girl that if I ever met, I would beg her for a hug and never shut up praising her for her style (and for her perfect messy bob).

Now do you blame me for getting annoyed every time these incredibly stylish girls aren’t acknowledged in magazines that are focused around their industry of work?

How could you honestly not love them?

Stylishly yours,


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