Cheer up, Buttercup.

If there’s one thing you need to have in your wardrobe this season, it’s something floral. There’s nothing like wearing something bright and colourful on dark winter days, I can guarantee it’ll cheer you up. What’s great about this trend is you can be any style, any size or have any skin tone, and you’ll suit it. Whether you’re brave and want bright, bold prints, or whether you want to subtly embrace it with tame, block colours, you can do it. Sadly though, not many people are brave enough to take the chance with this pattern, whereas I’m the polar opposite. I have a floral blazer, floral shorts, a floral playsuit, an array of floral pants (I’ve become an addict for floral cigarette pants.) and even a collection of floral tights.

Even when I’m on holidays I’m automatically attracted to anywhere that’s full of beautiful, colourful, strongly scented flowers. Whether it’s Kensington Gardens in London, Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris or even just my back-garden, I can’t help but whip out my camera and take close up shots of the flowers. They’re just such beautiful, natural…things.

Everyone seems to be embracing this trend one way or another. From celebrities to well-known fashionistas and to just people that have been snapped by street style photographers, everyone is doing it so why shouldn’t you? Don’t worry I’m not recommending you to follow in my footsteps and snatch up everything you can that’s floral, I just think that it’d be worth your time to get at least one item of clothing that’s somewhat floral. I was going to do a post on runway floral trends against high street floral trends, but instead I’ll focus on well known girls compared to street style stars.

Floral cigarette pants
There are tonnes of celebrities that have a pair of these in their wardrobe, however nothing beats the collection of floral cigarette pants that Mollie King from The Saturdays owns. Whether it’s with a top the exact same print or coordinating print top, she loves them. Even her band mate Rochelle Humes has caught onto the trend. Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and Oliva Palermo are also big fans of this item of clothing, and who’d blame them when they have never-ending, perfectly toned legs?

As much as I love seeing celebrity style, I must admit that people caught by street style photographers always have much more edge to their style. With celebs they always wear seem to wear the floral pants very simple, whereas us normal people aren’t afraid to take the chance with colours and styles. I think that’s what makes street style much more inspiring.

Floral blazers
Whether you’re a famous actress, an upcoming musician, a worldwide superstar or Kim Kardashian, you must have a floral blazer in your wardrobe. It’s rare to find an item in a shop that you can wear during the day and on a night out, but with floral blazers you can do both. If I can wear one with just a plain tee, skinny jeans and converse, then so can you. Anytime.

If you scroll through weheartit, search on tumblr or flick through The Sartorialist, I can guarantee you’ll find at least one photo of a floral blazer. If you don’t, you’re just not paying enough attention. What’s great is you can easily find a blazer with a floral pattern in any shop, from Primark to Topshop you’ll be within snatching distance as soon as you walk in. Even in the guys section!

Floral Shorts
I know you’re probably going to laugh at this paragraph and ask “Why Hannah? Why would I wear shorts in Winter?” But I think there is nothing nicer than floral shorts, plain thick knit tights, ankle boots and a chunky jumper. Now I know most of the photos below are summer shots, but they’re only meant to be for there inspiration and interpretation. Be brave, take the chance and embrace shorts in the winter.

Thankfully I was able to find some street style shots of girls embracing the floral shorts and tights trend, a trend that I, myself adore. Once the shorts aren’t the see-your-bum-cheeks kind of shorts, you can wear as thick tights as you want. Nothing like being stylish and cosy at the same time, right?

Floral skirts
This season is a big one for skirts. Whether they’re pencil, body con, chiffon or a-line, or if they’re short, midi or maxi, once they’re floral, they’re perfect. Just make you sure you don’t step over the paisley line because then you miiiiight just end up looking like a granny, which is never really a good look. Just follow in the lines of Miranda Kerr or Millie Mackintosh and you’ll never take a wrong turn.

Whether you want to clash prints with your floral skirt, match it with a plain tee or throw on a baggy jumper, you can pull it off. Thanks to our stylish streets, there are many that have shown anything can work once you’ve got confidence and a killer handbag.

Floral Jumpsuits/Playsuits
I absolutely adored floral playsuits during the summer, but sadly I don’t think I’m brave enough to embrace them as jumpsuits during the winter. Saying that, I think that nothing looks more stylish (and sexier) than a full length jumpsuit. However they’re only for the confident, brave and ones willing to take a chance. They always seem so hard to wear but I think once you find one that suits your shape and have all your accessories with it the exact same colour then you should be perfectly fine and be able to make it look amazing. Just follow in the navy heeled footsteps of Gwyneth Paltrow and you’ll hit perfection.

If there’s any comfy, yet incredibly stylish trend that can be pulled off on the street, it’s this one. From large print floral to paisley, bright bold colours to pastel or even digital print to a more nature inspired print, the choice is endless. If people on the street can pull them off with just a pair of plain heels, a touch of lipstick and their hair left messily down, then why can’t you take the chance and join them?

Flower Headbands
They were considered a necessity for any festival goers this summer, however I think that they shouldn’t be put away just because winter’s on it’s way. No matter what colour, length or style you have your hair, flower headbands will always work. They even work with your hair cascading over shoulders, with a messy plait or even with your hair thrown into a ponytail. They’re pretty versatile, once you’ve got a little bit of confidence and creativity.

Whether you want to wear it while heading to Fashion Week, going out on a night out, going to a festival or even just going for a stroll, it’s an accessory that can be worn anywhere, anytime. Just remember that the simpler you wear it, the better it looks.

Don’t be afraid to try at least one of these floral trends! Just don’t forget to thank me when you’re blossoming in brightly coloured prints, while everyone else is covered up in dark, murky shades.

Fashionably yours,



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