"Obey," I’d rather not.

One style I just can’t get my head around is the whole hipster trend. I’ll throw my hands up and admit that my music taste and my love of tumblr is pretty hipster, but the actual fashion trends surrounding that style is just silly. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the definition of hipster always someone who was pretty original when it came to their style? How is it that the style considered hipster nowadays, is so generic, sadly “common” and, in my opinion, quite bland? It’s not that I have anything against anyone that embraces this style on a daily basis, it’s just that I find it puts me in a bad mood. I know it sounds stupid, but I’m being completely honest. 

A fine example of this happened sometime during the summer. I was sitting at the bus stop, waiting for my bus to arrive (it was late, as usual!) with my headphones blaring in my ears, after a long day of browsing the shops in town. It was a pretty cold, windy day so I was dressed in my skinny jeans, doc martens and my leather jacket. I think it was the first day during the whole of summer that I wasn’t wearing shorts or a summer dress, however that day…I was freezing. I was sitting there alone for about five minutes until a trio of girls came along, all around the age of thirteen, dressed the exact same. I’m not even kidding, even their hair was styled the exact same. They were all little wannabes of Cara Delevingne, Jordan Dunn, and Rihanna (but not as cool…)

They were all wearing incredibly short, ripped, washed-out-denim shorts, thin black opaque tights, black vans, either a Ramones tee or a cross print shirt, which was all then topped off with a cross print black beanie WHICH wasn’t even on their head properly, might I add, and they were caked in make-up. I get why girls feel pressured into dressing alike, but when they’re wearing hats about thirty inches off their heads, or when they’re wearing cross pendants, or when they’re wearing band tees that they don’t actually know any song from that band…I get completely and utterly confused. Fashion nowadays is like a building that is full of rooms with constantly open doors, so why do girls these days all lock themselves in the one room?
Hipsters are so easy to identify these days, and thanks to me and this blog post, you’ll be able to do it blindfolded. Some I like and some I really dislike, but sure everyone’s opinion is their own.

These are everywhere. Whether you want a black one with a pointless word plastered across the front or a plain, neon one, you’ll find them anywhere. Now I’m going to be honest and admit that I used to love beanies. However the ones decorating the high street campaigns these days just aren’t nice. I must say I love the thick knit ones, but when they’re the “Boy London” ones I just want to tear them off peoples heads. Also they way people wear them is one thing I just don’t understand. Hats are meant to be for keeping your head nice and cosy, but how can they do their job when half of the fabric is just floating atop your head?

Cross printed objects
A symbol that was always recognized as holy and linked with Catholicism, is now worn by every hipster out there. Whether it’s worn hanging from the neck, wrapped around the wrist, printed on a chiffon shirt or a pair of leggings, embellished onto a hat or even dangling from the ears, it’s guaranteed to be seen on someone. Ever since this little trend came onto the scene, I hated it. From seeing those double-fingered cross rings on every hand to those tacky long thin gold ones hanging from ever girls ears, I just couldn’t stand it. I don’t know why, but I just thought the overall trend was unnecessary, and should have just been left to rosary beads.

Back in the seventies a rock band was formed in NYC and took America by storm. They started off as friends in one of their garages, who decided to change each of their surname to “Ramone”. They were huge and I bet that if you look up “Baby I love you” or “Blitzkrieg Bop” you’ll recognize them straight away. Then again if you don’t, why wear the t-shirt with their logo? I never understand when someone wears a band tee of a band that they have absolutely no clue about. I always think that band tees are there to bring people with similar music tastes, together. However if you don’t know anything about the band you’re wearing on your chest, don’t wear it. I understand why people like the t-shirts, but it’s just annoying that a band once spent years working hard to build up their name and reputation are now plastered on the chests of some people that don’t even know who they are.

I’m a girl that’s got an addiction to shoes. Whether they’re docs, army boots, heels, gladiator sandals or even glorious invention called heels, I love them. Unfortunately though there are some shoes that I just can’t bring myself to fall for, Creepers are one of those. I just find them too dark, too bulky and just quite eerie for my taste. Whereas many people love them, especially hipsters. Now I know tonnes of girls love this shoe trend, but I just find that the majority of those girls enjoy embracing the hipster style. Also if I see a guy wearing them, I usually find myself wanting to walk the opposite direction.

As soon as I see a guy wearing one of these I just want to run up, hit it off and throw it in the ocean. I cannot stand those hats on guys (unless they wear them backwards & look more like the Fresh Prince rather than Justin Bieber.) There’s just something about them that make my blood boil. Now I know that a lot of guys pull of the hats and make them look good, however I just don’t think any guy should wear them. The worst is when people wear them with the peak pointing upwards, it never looks good. Never. I also don’t see why some guys feel the need to leave the sticker on them, like in all honesty who gives a s**t where you bought it from? It’s a hat.

Then again, if a guy wears it like this and and is pretty stylishly dressed…I’d rethink my hate.

Nike air max
I don’t think I can write anything about these shoes without turning into a hate rant. Therefore all I’m going to say is, I’m the kind-of girl that judges a person by their shoes. Soooo if you’re wearing these shoes, I won’t be too fond of your style.
I hope nobody is insulted or annoyed by any of my comments, but hey just throwing out my own opinion take from it what you will. Sorry if I have though.
Stylishly yours,


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