The best things always end in Paris.

Don’t worry this isn’t going to be a blog post about love and romance, or about my love for the capital city of France, no it’s going to be all about the past few fashion weeks. Yes I may have just just started college (which I actually love, in-case you were curious) and I should be focusing hard on all on my work, however Daily mail and do an incredibly good job at tempting me away from reality. Ever since September started the articles and photos have just been flooding in from Fashion Week in NYC, London, Milan and now they’re making me envy everyone in Paris. There’s honestly nothing more exciting in the fashion world than when NYFW starts and is followed by an array of different, iconic fashion weeks. I absolutely love coming home after college, whipping open the laptop and going straight onto (which is where all the shots below are from) to see all the photos from the collections that had hit the runway that day. If I get that much excitement from just looking at the photos, one can’t eve imagine what I’d be like if I was actually given the chance to see one of the shows first hand. I’d be like when Agnes from Despicable Me gets the pink teddy unicorn, “IT’S SO FLUFFY I COULD DIIIIIEEEE!” Enough about me rambling on about how much I’d love to, someday, go to one of the iconic fashion weeks and lets get onto the main topic of this post. Since New York is the first city to have their fashion week, it’ll be the first one I’ll talk about (and then I’ll finish with Paris, obviously!) Mhmmm which S/S 2014 collection should I rant on about first?

New York Fashion Week

I’ve such mixed opinions about New York, however since I don’t want to waste my time blabbing on and on about the collections I disliked I decided to stick to the ones I actually did like. There were a good few but six stood out to me in particular. Between the bursts of bright orange fabrics in Jenny Packham and Monique Lhuillier, the mixtures of monochrome in Diane Von Frustenburg and DKNY, the geometric patterns designed by Victoria Beckham and not forgetting the stunning array of ballgowns that were created by the genius that is Oscar de la Renta, New York definately knew how to kick it all off with a bang! I don’t know whether it was the mix of bright, bold colours against the simplicity of pastels that caught my attention, or whether it was the contrast between soft tailoring and heavy tulle gowns. Whatever it was, it worked and it made me want next spring/summer to come a hell of a lot faster.

London Fashion Week

Is it weird to say that I was more intrigued by London’s front rows, rather than the collection themselves? London is one city that I would love to live in for some time, whether it’d be permanent or temporary, I’d just love to experience the London life. I know it wouldn’t be all celebrities everyday, or fancy penthouse suites, or partying all night in Funky Buddah, but it’d still be London. It’d still be one of the fashion capitals of the world, and hey it’s also only an hour away from home. London has a fashion week that is always different from the rest. It’s not as on-trend-sheek as NYC, it’s not as glitzy as Milan and it’s certainly not as full of iconic designers like Paris, but it’s always unique, brave and completely London. From incredibly bold, bright patterns at Peter Pilotto and Mary Katrantzou, coloured mid-length lace dresses at House of Holland and Burberry Prorsum, and to unusual, nature themed prints decorating the ensemblés at Matthew Williamson and Temperly London, it really was a city that embraced every trend possible.

Just LOOK at the beauty of these Frows, don’t you want to be there alongside them?
Milan Fashion Week

Milan is probably one of the most beautiful cities that I’ve ever been too, and it’s one city that, I made a vow to myself, I’d someday go back to. By the looks of the street style photos, it looks even prettier and sunnier during fashion week. However when it comes to the collections themselves I’m never really blown away by Milan, I always find that the Italian designers play it too safe. Thankfully this year they decided to toughen up a bit and brave the creative world. Yes Cavalli and Blumarine had plenty white in their collections, but they edged it up with bright patterns. Gucci and Pucci (Yep, I just giggled ’cause I rhymed!) used a clashing mixture of purples and oranges, while Prada created works of art on clothing, and Fendi had an addiction for layering different shades of the one colour. However no collection at Milan beats D&G this year. I just love their whole Classic, wealthy Italian style campaign. It’s the first time that I’ve actually liked more than two Milan collections, weird but true.

Paris Fashion Week

Have you ever fallen in love? I can honestly say that I never have with a guy, but I have with a place. The first ever holiday I went on was to Disneyland, in Paris when I was four and I went back there again a few years ago. Let’s just say, I think I lost my heart to the city that made Coco Chanel famous. Who couldn’t love the garish patterns that were shown by Manish Arora and Roland Mouret, or the bright fuchsia pinks at John Galliano and Kenzo, or the beautiful gowns that finished the shows at Vivienne Westwood or Christian Dior? Paris just never fails to disappoint me. 

I don’t think I can finish this post without mentioning Valentino’s S/S’14 collection. Now I know Ellie Saab also had a beautiful array of gowns, however they always do. Whereas Valentino always creates a collection that you either love, or hate. Thankfully this season, I absolutely adore every single piece that he sent out onto that runway. I wonder was his collection inspired by D&Gs most recent campaign, they do bare a strong resemblance don’t you think? Whether you love simple black shapeless dresses, sheer tribal printed maxi skirts with cotton shirts, incredibly detailed embroidered jackets and play-suits, large cheetah printed “ponchos”, ethnic style prints, stunning statement finale dresses, or if you even just love the colours teal green, burgundy, black or even a light coffee colour; you’ll love this collection. In all honesty, how could you love fashion and not be head-over-heels in adoration of this collection?

One day I’ll see some of those shows in person, one day… Until then, you’re stuck with my delightful ramblings,

                             Fashionably yours,

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