Suit up.

I honestly don’t know which I was more excited for about my debs night, seeing all the girls in their dresses or seeing all the boys suited up. I hate to say it but I think it was the boys. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely seeing all my friends all dressed up in beautiful dresses looking stunning, but I knew they would. Whereas with boys it’s like this little surprise that nobody really gets until the night itself. There’s just something about seeing a boy who always wears track-suits, tan chinos, or whatever casual clothes they sell in Primark and River Island, wearing a dark, tailored suit, paired with a crisp new shirt and a tie/bowtie. Whether it’s a classic black suit, a duskish grey suit, a trendy navy suit or even a brave “pop” coloured suit, if worn correctly, they always make a guy look ten times better. Not that many guys need to look better but then again, why turn down an opportunity to look like James Bond?
In my opinion black suits are the best. Yes they may be a safe option, but if they’re tailored correctly, paired with the right collared shirts, matched with a complimenting tie/bowtie and finished off with the right colour shoe, they look perfect. Whether they choose a coloured tie/bowtie or a simple black one, I always think that no matter what they should always wear a white shirt. I know many guys wear coloured shirts with ties/bowties, but I think if guys have an occasion, that they need to wear a suit to, they should go with a crisp white shirt and then they can play around with whatever tie or bowtie that they want and that suits the ensemblé. Whether you want to go simple, classic monochrome like Siva Kaneswaren or go for a burst of colour with a velvet bowtie like Douglas Booth, you can’t deny that white shirts look the best.

One thing I must say I love with a black suit is a patterned, high collared shirt and no tie/bowtie. I think it proves that a guy can be himself, but classic at the same time. Then again if you’re Harry Styles, you can be anything especially when you’re wearing a Burberry heart-print shirt. Also their premiere was just heaven for all Directioner fans that are also lovers of fashion, their stylist made them look stylish, classy, clean-cut and themselves all at the same time. Caroline, you deserve an award.

As much as I love the classic black suit, I also adore coloured suits. A guy that has the guts to wear a coloured suit that isn’t grey or black, needs recognition for it. Yes grey does look good most of the time, however it’s still a safe option. Whereas for most guys colours like burgundy, emerald green, cobalt blue or even navy, are the ones that guys tend to avoid unless their chinos. What guy in his right mind wouldn’t want to look like IAmGalla, Ryan Gosling, Jamie Campbell Bower or even Phil? Now I can understand guys avoiding suits like the bright pink one that Mark Ronson wore, the brave turquoise one that Usher braved or even the beautiful yet bold Dent De Man suits that Robert Sheehan adores. I think the deeper the colours and the simpler the shirt and tie/bowtie worn with them, the better.

Be unique, yet mysterious:

Only for the bold & brave:

No matter how many different suits there are, or how many guys that wear them, there is no suit like a Barney Stinson suit.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance with style, and if it fails you canblame me.


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