You shall be the belle of the ball…

It is incredibly rare for a girl to feel, and be treated, like a princess however thanks to the victorian times there are nights called Debutante Balls. In America and the UK they’re known as “Prom”but here in Ireland they’re called “the Debs”. Most girls spend months looking for their perfect dress, the perfect accessories and sometimes, even the perfect guy. If you’re anything like me and too picky about dresses, you’ll head for a dressmaker. However I didn’t chose a dressmaker, I chose an upcoming local romantic-vintage-inspired designer Bonzie, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect dress.


I designed it myself by getting influence from many celebrities style and of course couture designer fashion. The design itself was mainly a mix of the skirt of Emma Watsons Oscar de la Renta gown that she wore to the final Harry Potter London premiere, the shoulder/bodice detail from Kaley Cuoco’s Romona Keveza cocktail dress that she wore to the Emmys in 2011, but in all honesty it was also highly (and secretly) inspired by Carrie Bradshaws edgy, bold, yet classic style. Then again no matter how many influence I got, the dress itself was pure Bonzie. She was such an amazing woman to work with, and she couldn’t have been nicer, friendlier, warmer, cuter, or anything better because she’s just perfect. One day she’ll be famous and world known, I just know it.

To my surprise, I also got invited to a “grads ball” by one of my good friends, Daniel, which happened a week exactly before mine so everybody kept saying it was like a practice debs for me. However I didn’t see it like that, in all honesty I was in total shock when I got asked. To some girls being asked to the debs is nothing and just like any normal night out, but to me I was so sooo privileged to be even acknowledged. In my eyes I see it as a huge thing because nobody seems to forget their debs night and also you don’t want to spend the night out with just anyone. 

When I was asked I think my mom panicked more than I did because I had to start searching for a dress, but thanks to my sisters faaaaabulous shopping skills the perfect dress was found. Who knew that a designer dress could go from £240 to £40? It was a stunning pale turquoise tulle dress, that was just mid-thigh in length and was designed by the flawlessly talented, Jenny Packham. Between my co-ordinating silver, glitter embellished heels and clutch bag, along with my neatly painted metallic teal nails that perfectly matched the corsage detail on the waistband of the dress, I just felt so lovely.

I’m also incredibly sorry I haven’t blogged much recently, but between the debs, starting college and my sisters being home, it’s all been pretty hectic. The joys of living a busy student life. However no matter how busy I am, I’d still love to hear your opinions and comments. Don’t be afraid to drop me an e-mail, tweet or comment, any time.

Fashionably yours,


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