Style of my July.

Since summer is sadly coming to an end yet again, so is my summer wardrobe. Now thankfully I’m one of those girls that refuses to put away my summer wardrobe until it’s freezing cold and impossible to leave the house without a coat. I will wear shorts and tights, instead of having to start wearing jeans again. I will refuse to wear jumpers if I’ve got the chance to wear t-shirts with layers underneath. Then again, as much as I love wearing summer clothes, I also cannot wait to get back into my trusty DocMartens, army boots and also my array of winter heels. Soooo before I start hiding all my summer clothes in the back of my wardrobe, I decided to do a post of the few outfit shots I took over the past two months. There’s not many, but I guess it allows you to see my summer style. Yeah they were on my lookbook, but hey may as well post them here and let you guys enjoy. Whether it’s floral cigarette pants, nautical theme outfit or just denim shorts and a tee, I’ve tried it and I hope you approve.

 Ahoy there sailor! (by Hannah H) Coral collaboration. (by Hannah H)#summer, #dress, #tribal, #gladiatorsandals, #fashion, #streetstyle, #loveFloral delight. (by Hannah H)#dress, #summer, #redhead, #gladiatorsandals, #waistbelt  Corange. (by Hannah H)Cream + Orange = Corange.   #summer, #streetstyle, #redhead, #orange, #coral, #riverisland, #primark, #fashion 

OH YEAH I forgot to mention that I received my Leaving Cert results on wednesday and I’m actually delighted. Regarding the points I got, I’ve gotten more than the amount I actually need. Therefore by Monday I’ll know if I get into college or not, but hopefully I will. Soooooo if I do, I shall try my very best to up my style and post as many style-shots as I possibly can (since I’m not going to be the type of student that wears nothing but tracksuits or pyjamas anyways).

Lots of summer love,



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