I wish I wasn’t a mundane…

Just last year my friend Sophie begged me to start reading the Mortal Instruments series, and since then I haven’t been able to stop. Soooo when I heard that a film was being made, that had a beautiful cast of amazingly talented actors that I adore, I freaked out. I turned into the ultimate fangirl, and I can guarantee it won’t change for a long time. Therefore since the film is coming out next wednesday I said why not welcome it with a rundown post of the actors style ’cause boooooyyyyy are they a stylish bunch.

Whether it’s the daughter of Phil Collins, the cheeky “monkey slut” from Misfits, the gay drug dealer from Gossip Girl or even the blonde haired smitten boy from Sweeny Todd. City of Bones film really has it all when it comes to it’s main cast members. From the red carpet to everyday street style, they never fail to impress. However, since I’m only familiar with Lily Collins and most of her fellow male associates, this post will more than likely end up revolving around guy style.

Lily Collins (Clary Fray)

Being the daughter of Phil Collins must have it’s perks, then again since she’s so unbelievably perfect she doesn’t need anymore perks. She’s got gorgeous naturally brunette (but dyed red for the film) wavy hair, flawless pale skin, gorgeous long legs, and a style that every girl envies. Oh and how could I forget those eyebrows that, in my opinion, beats Cara Delevingne’s anyday. Whether she’s dressed in a stunning Moschino gown at the Met Gala, or in a black and gold ensemblé during Paris Fashion Week, or even if she’s just strolling the streets wearing a baggy printed jumper, she never fails to look effortlessly stylish. Also for a girl to look good in over-the-knee boots, needs to be acknowledged. I honestly think she’s one girl any fashion lover should keep their eyes on, she knows her style a hell of a lot more than most girls her age nowadays. I just hope that herself and Mr Campbell-Bower get back together because they are such a well-dressed, cheerful, and beautiful couple, it breaks my heart seeing how perfect and in-love they are.

Jamie Campbell-Bower (Jace Wayland)

When it comes to the image of a typical London well-dressed boy, Jamie Campbell Bower is always the first guy that comes to mind. I don’t know whether it’s his blonde messy hair, his cheeky attitude, his love for everything quirky and camden-like or his weakness for red-headed girls (Jamie, feel free to call me anytime!) Whatever he does, it works. As much as I adore him in soft blue suits, or at a black tie event, I actually much prefer seeing him strolling the streets wearing skinny jeans and slouchy jumpers or baggy leather jackets. He’s one guy that could wear a sack and I’d still consider him insanely attractive, ever since Sweeny Todd I’ve had a weak spot for that beanie wearing boy.

Robert Sheehan (Simon Lewis)

Many of you are well aware of who Mr Sheehan is. Whether you’ve seen him as a gangster who roams the streets of Dublin, as a cheeky immortal who’s on community service or even as the annoying obnoxious teenager in Cherrybomb. He’s an incredibly talented young actor that Ireland is so proud to be known as his hometown, and with this new blockbuster hitting our screens soon, we couldn’t be happier for him. Everytime I see him in interviews or on the red carpet I always fall in love with his outfit choices, from tailored patterned suits, to high collared shirts and bow-ties, to tartan skinny jeans or in just a hoodie under a leather jacket. Whatever he wears he never fails to look quirky, geeky, charming and on-trend all at the same time. He has a style that, if I saw a guy embracing, I would most certainly fall in love with him. Then again I don’t think I could take him away from my best friend Amber, she loves him just as much as I adore Rupert Grint.

Kevin Zegers (Alec Lightwood)

Before I start rambling on about this classy guy, I must first point out that I’m afraid ladies…He recently just got married to his childhood sweetheart. Therefore you must try and withhold your undying love for him. He has been in an array of films but one role he’s most known for is as the drug dealing guy, that you either love or hate, Damien Dalgaard in Gossip Girl. I must say I loved his flirtatious and scheming ways, but then again I loved everyone that was the focus of a Jenny-Humphrey-storyline. His style is polar opposite to Robert Sheehan, yes they both love well-tailored suits however, where Sheehan goes very colourful, quirky and on-trend, Zegers goes for subtle, dark and classy. He’s got more of a laid-back James Bond air about him, especially since he loves his suits oh so much.

Jemima West (Isabelle Lightwood)

I’m going to be honest here and say I know absolutely nothing about Jemima West. All I know is that I’m incredibly jealous because she’s half english and half french, aaaaaaand she spent her whole life living in Paris. She’s also an incredibly attractive young girl, and I can only imagine all the new male fans she’s going to gain from this film. So instead of rambling on about her style, even though I honestly know nothing about it, I’m going to post a promo photo (in which she reminds me alot of Lara Croft) of her as the Shadowhunter herself Isabelle Lightwood. A girl that you can’t help but love when you read the books.


If you don’t approve of this cast for the film, I’d love to hear why ’cause I honestly think that the cast is perfect. I don’t think I would’ve been able to chose a cast better than this.

Love your redheaded mundane,



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