Good things come to those who wait…right?

At the beginning of Spring I became obsessed with floral cigarette pants. I saw them on celebrities, on random street style models, and even in Vogue, however I could not find them anywhere. I searched nearly every shop in Ireland, and also had my sister rummaging the rails in New Zealand shops for them, but we never came across them. Due to my lack of patience and eventually willpower, I gave up. Who knew that about a month later, I would find them? Thanks to Zara I finally found a beautiful pair of autumn-toned-floral cigarette pants that go perfectly with my nude heels. I was cautious when I first wore them because in my town they could be seen as abit too brave, however I don’t regret them one bit. They’re just perfectly stylish, comfortable and I’m hoping they’ll last long too. They’re pretty neutral, so they go with an array of colours, but to tone them down (and look pretty dressy) I wore a dark navy lace bib-like top along with my trusty patent nude heels, and simple nude coloured accessories. Now I know I may not look as cool and uber-stylish as the model for Zara, but hey a girl’s gotta be herself right?

Since summer is nearly coming to a close and the autumn trends are already flooding the shops. It’s incredibly frustrating going shopping these days ’cause you can’t seem to find anything summery. Everything for autumn is either burgundy or dark purple, tweed or heavy lace and thankfully there’s a huge array of statement necklaces, however there is one trend that I’m truly madly deeply drawn to & I don’t know why. It’s one ensemblé that I adore, but I’ve a feeling I won’t have enough confidence to wear it. The bare midriff trend. I’m not one of the skinniest, most toned girls so I’d be terrified of ending up looking like a balloon if I chanced it. However, since it’s leaving the area under your chest bare rather than your whole stomach, there’s actually a good chance of looking more toned than you think you are (also supposedly if you bronze certain places around that area, it can make you look even more toned!) It’s not just the bare midriff trend I’m in love with, it’s the overall co-ordinating skirt/shorts and top trend also, there’s nothing like being matchy-matchy. Then again once it’s fashionably matching, not Mrs Bouquet kind-of matching.

Many celebrities have already embraced this trend with open arms, and have looked incredible. I know, I know that they’ve all got the perfect figures, but still you could wear it just as cool. All it takes is confidence, poise, posture and a killer smile. Whether you want to bare more like Katy Perry at Coachella, or whether you want to be classy and bare a subtle amount like Zoe Saldana, it’s your call just don’t forget that once you’re happy in your own skin, you’ll look ten times happier and more confident to others.

The main problem is though that I know I won’t be able to find the perfect matching emsemblé. I know crop tops are bloody everywhere but they’re all either too sporty, too like childrens t-shirts, too bra-like or even just too bloody tacky. Then again I wouldn’t mind finding a matching blazer and shorts/skirt outfit, instead of a crop top ensemblé, ’cause they’re just as nice and would look pretty damn cool for college, don’t you think? Whether it’s tweed, cotton, or leather, I’d be up for rummaging through the rails in the hope of finding a co-ordinated, matching set. I know you might say, “Why not just buy a suit?” BUT I’ve a feeling a vibrant colour or print ensemblé wouldn’t be considered a suit. I think it might just send off the wrong impression if you wore a printed matching outfit like Mollie King, don’t you think?

One day I’ll find one whether it’ll be a blazer and crop top with shorts, skirt or cigarette pants, I’ll find it. As Chuck kept saying to Blair, “Good things come to those who wait.” Therefore, I shall wait…and wait…

Love you lots like jellytots,



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