"Lend me your hand and we’ll conquer them all, but lend me your heart and I’ll just let you fall…"

Who knew that one day could almost change you? Well saying that David Nicholls knew it could happen when he wrote the book “One Day” but you know what I mean. I went to my first proper gig, mini-festival-style concert at the weekend and it was incredible. It has now increased my envy for everyone that has ever been to Glastonbury, Coachella, Isle of Wight, Latitude/Longitude, etc.
I received a ticket as an eighteenth birthday present from my parents, and nothing could’ve been better than it. I honestly never realised how much I actually adore concerts, seeing bands live or just music in general, until I actually set foot past the gates.
I always thought that Vampire Weekend were my all-time-favourite band, however after seeing The Vaccines live I’ve changed my mind. Now I always absolutely adored The Vaccines but actually experiencing their live set is something else entirely. They’re incredible. I don’t know whether it’s their “addictive” lyrics, their passion for playing their chosen instruments or even just their insanely attractive appearance, but whichever it is it works ’cause they’ve got me. Well in particular Freddie Cowan got me, how could you deny…this?

Usually I come away from concerts incredibly happy, hyper but yet slightly disappointed. I know you probably want to slap me for saying that, but it’s usually true. Now saying that it’s more ninety five percent delighted, and the other teenie five percent disappointed. This five percent is due to the act never playing my favourite song, like Ed Sheeran never sang “Little Bird”, Florence + the Machine never blared “My Boy Builds Coffins” or Bob Dylan never croaked “Subterranean Homesick Blues”, when I got the incredibly lucky chance to see them in concert. I love concerts but I adore them even more when my favourite songs are played and thankfully The Vaccines, Mumford & Sons aaaaaand Ben Howard did just that. Nothing beats hearing the silence of the crowd as Marcus Mumford sings “Awake My Soul”, or Ben Howard strumming the notes of “Old Pine” on his acoustic guitar or even hearing your favourite band giving -your favourite song- socks, “Wetsuit”. The excitement alone of hearing the first few notes of your much loved song is just goosebump-worthy, just as brilliant as getting the first glimpse of the act walk on stage. Nothing is better than live music. This weekend in Phoenix Park was the perfect example of that, from the upcoming hyper act of “Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros” to the main headlining act “Mumford & Sons”, and of course the other three amazing musicians in between. In all honesty, if you’re ever given the chance to go to a concert of a musician you love, take it and I can guarantee you (hopefully) won’t regret it.

ow could an Irish girl not be in love with a concert that ended on every act of the day (besides The Vaccines because Mumford & Sons lost them and couldn’t seem to find them anywhere, as Marcus said “If you happen to see The Vaccines, tell them we miss them!”) slightly-drunkenly singing “Galway Girl”. One song that no matter where you are in the world, will always remind an Irish person of their home.

Anyways, that’s my queue to go off and blare nothing but The Vaccines for the night and, if you’ve never heard of them, I urge you to do the same.

(P.S: Sorry about the slightly blurry photos, but I said I’d post my own photographs rather than one off google. It’s not that I was thaaaaat far away from the stage either, right?)

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