"Summer lovin’ had me a blast…"

As I sit here with my laptop perched upon my lap, Gossip Girl on my screen and surrounded by nothing but sunlight and warmth, all I can think about my summer wardrobe. I know that may sound incredibly sad and stupid of me, but it’s the honest truth. For the past few days a heat wave has hit Ireland so everyone has been spending their days either on the beach sunbathing, relaxing in their back-garden or even just going for a stroll with friends. Whatever activities people spent the past few days doing, more than likely they all still involved embracing the glorious weather that our little green country was blessed with. I know since I’m a pale skinned redhead I should be avoiding the sun like the plague, but I couldn’t resist the chance to spend the days on the beach with my friends. Who wouldn’t want that?

However to my disappointment many people have not embraced the skin tingling heat, as I’d hoped. Usually as soon as a teenie bit of sun comes out behind the clouds, us Irish jump at the chance of spending a day under the sun in nothing but summer clothes. Whether it’s shorts, floral mini dresses, loose smocked tops, kaftans, maxi skirts, or, for the brave, swimsuits. Sadly though, many didn’t follow this tradition and still kept on wearing their winter wardrobe. I don’t know why I got so frustrated by seeing this, but I did. Many times. It’s not that I’m in any way snobby, it’s just I can’t get my head around the whole thing. A prime example is when I was sitting down on the wall alongside the beach, waiting for my friends to arrive, I noticed a group of boys. (Nooooo, before you say a word they weren’t hot, they were like fifteen and skateboarder boys!) If it was a winters day I would’ve appreciated their styling efforts, however being a scorching summers day I was appalled. One boy in particular, no offence to him as he did seem like a nice normal guy but, was dressed in jet black skinny jeans, bulky DC runners, thick black socks, and a thick-knit beanie. Yes okay he was wearing a baggy vest top, but everything else screamed winter, cosy, thick, immense warmth, something that shouldn’t be worn in the height of summer. What’s worse is I bet the poor kid was dressing to impress some girl. No offence, to him but he was a silly boy. It’s like a girl wearing tights and shorts in this heat, WHY?
I know previously I spoke about my weakness for well-dressed guys, but during the summer there’s honestly nothing better than a guy willing to change his wardrobe for seasons. Well by seasons I mean having a selection of different clothing items for winter, as-well as you do for summer. This goes out to girls also because ladies, there should always be a difference between your summer wardrobe and your winter one. Obviously there are many pieces that you can use in all seasons, but sixty percent of it should be completely different.

How about I throw the question over to you, and you can comment on which one you’d prefer to be wearing on a warm summers day, with the sun beating down on every move you make?

A) These ensemblés…


B) These outfit choices…

I’d love to hear your opinions on the summer VS winter wardrobe topic, or even if you have any questions needing answers about your wardrobe summer-transformation, I’m always willing to help.


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