Every Girl deserves to be a princess for a night.

Every time a little girl watches Cinderella for the first time, they envy her as a mixed feeling of
jealousy and happiness overwhelms them, because they’re happy because Cinderella finally got her Prince, her one true love, but  at the same time they’re jealous because they want it. They want to get all dressed up, go to a ball, find a handsome guy and fall in love. There’s something so exciting, knowing that one guy would search through the whole town looking for you, with nothing but a shoe your size. I know it’s a typical romantic cliché story, that’s been overused waaaaayyyyy too many times, but yet ninety percent of girls love them. I don’t care how many girls say “Ahh I hate lovey-dovey things, couples annoy me, I’d hate to be in a relationship….”, they never actually mean it. All girls love the idea of someone being head-over-heels in love with them, no matter what they say about it, they all love it. How could you not want it? Yes there are plenty benefits to being single, and I know sometimes being single is one of the funnest “traits” to have. However, sometimes it can get boring, tedious and quite frustrating when everyone around you is in a relationship, and no matter where you go you become a third wheel.
know you might be wondering why a girl that’s blog (and most of her life) revolves around fashion is talking about romance, well don’t you worry I’m getting there. I was aiming to speak about the new Couture collections that hit the runways this week, but since they reminded me so much of Cinderella with the many ballgowns full of tulle, chiffon, velvet and sequins, I just could not stop myself from thinking about the idea of romance and the happy-ever-after that we always hoped would happen after we go to a ball, in a stunning couture gown. Who wouldn’t want to live the life of Blair Waldorf? A young lady who goes to black tie balls every weekend, lives on the Upper East side of NYC and of-course is in love with the handsome, charming, suit-wearing Chuck Bass. What girl wouldn’t want to be constantly adorned in Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta or Jenny Packham ballgowns?

The Elie Saab collection particularly made me envy the whole Cinderella story, as the array of gowns that glided up the runway in that show was beautiful. There were many colour choices, from a deep red, navy, emerald green, and then a repetitive use of nude/silver mix. I adored the selection of lengths, and the many choices of necklines that the models were decorated with. Whether their legs were shadowed by knee length or full length skirts, or whether their necks were embellished by chiffon draped over one shoulder, low cut sequined v or even just structured bodices, they were all just impeccable. I know that Elie Saab always seems to create beautiful couture collections that every young girl wants. He’s just not afraid to be different, with classic, timeless gowns.
I also adore how he always seems to finish off his shows with a stunning wedding dress, and this year was no different. The strapless, full length dress was covered in sequins and beads, that had a sort of 1920’s “Great Gatsby” edge to it, was very simple but yet only the brave and confident would wear it for their own wedding. In my opinion, the veil was the most beautiful part of the ensemblé as it had a vintage theme to it and I just adore vintage-themed pieces.

I have to admit, for the first time in ages I actually adored many of the couture shows this year. I even found myself some new obsession-worthy designers such as Zuhair Murad and Maison Martin Margiela (Who -as I told my friend Jayne– is like Philip Treacy meets Thierry Mugler!)
I swear one of these days I’ll get to either London, Paris, Milan or New York Fashion Week, and you’ll never be able to shut me up about it.

Don’t be afraid to drop me a comment, anytime,


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