Pippa, pipe down.

Since most of the media seems to be obsessed with babies recently, I thought what better to blog about then the Middletons. I know you might say, what has this got to with babies? But isn’t the long-awaited royal baby on the way? Yes, yes he or she is, however I’m not going to rant on about dodgy baby names, miniature clothing or anything along those lines, Instead I’m going to talk about the family surrounding that baby. The Middleton family, in particular the Middleton sisters.
I must say, I love Kate Middleton, or the Duchess of Cambridge as she is better known at these days. I know many people strongly dislike her and don’t understand the immense amount of coverage she receives from the media, but I like her and hugely respect her. She’s only thirty one years old, but she’s expected to have the  She is such an elegantly dressed young woman, who knows exactly what colours, styles and shapes suit her. Whether she’s going to a ball, an outing with her Prince or just on a shopping trip alongside her mother, she never fails to look classy. Then again, how could you not look good when you’ve got designers like Sarah Burton or Jenny Packham on speed-dial?

Also for a young woman that’s in the public eye on a daily basis and is constantly scrutinised by everyone in the fashion industry, she’s never afraid to recycle previously worn clothes. In my opinion, this is incredibly rare for “celebrities” and is often quite difficult to do, but she has done it with many of our clothing items, and she has always done it incredibly well. I even find it hard to wear some items in my wardrobe more than once, but Ms Middleton always seems to get it right by making the same item look completely different.

Fashion isn’t the only thing the Duchess of Cambridge is known for, as nobody can go a minute without mentioning their hair envy of her. Yes she may just be an “average” brunette, but the way there is never a hair out of place, there’s always a stunning non-greasy-like shine to it and not forgetting those soft curls that effortlessly fall from her shoulders. She is just a girl that knows what suits her, oh too well. I also adore how she’s not afraid to try different hairstyles, whether it’s soft bangs, a plaited updo, or just caught loosely behind her head, she always pulls it off.

As you can guess I’m quite fond of Kate Middleton, but what I was slowly getting to was how much her sister frustrates me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I dislike her sister, I just get annoyed by how much the media is in love with her. Yes she seems like a lovely girl, and she’s also  quite beautiful, however she doesn’t have a great taste in style. Yet the media seems to be head-over-heels in love with her style, they just never leave the girl alone. In comparison to Kates parents and brother James, in my eyes, Pippa comes across as if she is hungry for fame and attention. Whether she’s caught at a friends wedding, front row at a London fashion show or even just kissing her new beau, she always seems to be within perfect distance of the paparazzi. It just frustrates me, why can’t she just stay out of the limelight like her (incredibly handsome) brother James?


In all honesty I think that Pippa Middleton has got awful taste in fashion. There are some outfits that she has looked amazing in, but eighty percent of the time she seems to get it completely and utterly wrong. She just reminds me of a teenage girl that wants to try new trends, colours and styles, but she doesn’t actually know what colours and styles suit her in the first place. She seems to kill her outfits with either un-coordinated accessories, clashing colours or just the outfit not actually fitting her correctly. Sometimes she even just adds too many different colours to an outfit, or just makes it look too fussy. I know it must be incredibly hard to live upto your sisters style, but still, that shouldn’t affect the wrong size or colour that you choose, should it? I just wish I could call Gok Wan and ask him to give her some subtle advice. She’s a naturally pretty girl, with beautiful hair and a perfect figure, so why does she seem to get it all soooo wrong?

One last thing, which depends more on personal taste but, dearest Pippa please stop wearing Peplum dresses? I know, I know they can look pretty nice, but when you have a perfect waistline (which Pippa does, actually she just seems to have a perfect figure!) you don’t need the “peplum” effect. Peplum dresses and tops were created for girls that have no waist whatsoever, as it actually creates the illusion of a waist by making your hips look slightly wider. However, if you’re slim with a small waist, they’re useless and in all honesty look fairly silly. For a young girl like Ms Middleton here, Peplum dresses are just unnecessary and there are plenty other style dresses that’d look and suit your figures much better. Also, I just strongly dislike them, in any way, shape or form.

I‘ll be honest and admit that I do respect, admire and love the Middleton sisters. However, I wish the media would just leave them alone, and I hope that when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby is born, that the paparazzi just leave them be. They need and deserve it. I also hope that they choose a name that doesn’t exist on a compass…

You know you love me eh?


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