"You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many handbags…"

A girl can never have just one handbag, and if you think she does, well then you don’t know her well enough. Handbags are considered a girls best friend, without it she wouldn’t cope with her daily duties. A handbag is like a sacred item to girls, and if a guy even thinks of going anywhere near it, he’ll regret it.
Handbags aren’t just for storing necessary items, they’re also for style, fashion and they’re the perfect product to make an outfit complete. However, sadly, most of the nicest handbags aren’t within the average price range. That’s one of the many reasons as to why we envy some celebrities styles, as they can splurge on beautifully crafted leather handbags, while we…can’t. Whether it’s Victoria Beckhams trademark Kelly bags, Alexa chungs Mulberry satchel, or Lauren Conrads Chanel 2.55 quilted bag, they all seem to have access to a stunning collection of arm candy (and no I’m not talking about Mrs Beckhams handsome family!)

Someday, I hope to have own one, however I’m still undecided on whether I’d prefer a Celine, Hermes or a Mulberry bag. One of those, perched on the crease of your arm, would never fail to look elegant and classy. I also think, that no matter how many colours there are to choose from, tan or black, are always the best options, as they seem to co-ordinate perfectly with nearly every colour.

However thanks to my love for street style sites, I can’t deny that my one true love in handbag form, has to be those stunning, handcrafted, leather, british beauties, that go under the name of the Cambridge Satchel Company. Yes, the lowest priced bag is around a hundred euro, which isn’t very achievable for some of us fashion-loving-teenagers, but they’re always something to aim for right? From big to small, neon to metallic, tribal print to plain, they come in a massive array of colours, sizes and patterns, and never fail to attract attention. They may be only coming into the spotlight recently, but they’ve actually been around a lil’ while longer, all thanks to Julie Deane and her mother Freda Thomas. I absolutely adore these bags, I have an imitation Tan one from TK Maxx, but one day I hope to get my hands on a real one, preferably the burgundy coloured, so-called Batchel version. I know I just said that you can’t beat a tan or black coloured bag, but it’s just so rare to find a nice leather burgundy bag, don’t you think? What’s even better is that they even create ones for men, sometimes (it depends on the guy), there’s nothing more attractive than a stylish, straight guy with a man-bag.
They even collaborated with the talented designer duo of Basso & Brooke, and created a stunning range of brightly patterned satchels. I wish they weren’t limited collection though, because I would’ve definitely loved a look at one of them. The madness of them were hard to explain, so I’ll let the photos do the talking and allow you guys to fall in love with them yourselves. 
ne day I’ll get my lil’ hands on one, one day
I hope to hear from some of you guys soon,


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