Cara fever.

May I ask, why is everyone so obsessed with Cara Delevingne? (Her surname is pronounced Del-eh-veeen, just incase you were unsure!) I know she is flawlessly beautiful, british, young, fun, feisty, ambitious, and hard-working. I also bet she is one of the nicest girls you’ll ever meet, however, why is everyone sooo obsessed with her style?
Yeah she’s got a very edgy wardrobe, but in my opinion, she dresses like a typical nineteen year old girl, however her choice of clothing just tends to be more expensive and usually designer. She literally wears nothing but beanies, pop-patterns, skinny jeans, high-tops, leather jackets, crop tops, baggy jumpers, monochrome striped pants, and of course those annoying-famous snapbacks. While her hair always seems to be left straight down. Maybe her style has influenced most teenage girls to dress like this, but in my opinion, she’s just like any other girl with her style.


I must admit though she definitely has raw “model talent”, whether it’s in-front of a camera, on a catwalk, or even just walking along the street, she always walks and looks amazing. Her make-up is always beyond perfect too, anything to highlight those beautiful cheekbones of hers. Also when she does smokey eyes, they’re just the perfect amount of black and paleness, unlike the panda eyed Taylor Momsen.


However when Ms Delevingne hits the red carpet, her style evolves. She becomes this elegant, uber-stylish, rock chick that makes every woman jealous, and every young girl want to be her. Especially this years Met Ball, when she stormed the red carpet alongside Sienna Miller, both adorned in Burberry. Actually, whether it’s dressing elegant at the British Fashion Awards, Cannes film festival or dressing casual at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, Cara always wears Burberry (probably all for free, but still.) Yet, she never fails to look flawless. I think these are the times when Cara shines.


She may be acquainted with many other famous faces like her wifey Rita Ora or her supposed beau Harry Styles, but her most fashionable arm candy has to be her sister Poppy. Poppy Delevingne is a famous model too, that also inherited that flawless bone structure and is constantly spotted by street-style photographers. In my eyes, Poppy is the true style icon (and honestly, also one of my style obsessions!) Whether she’s in a suit, a maxi dress, shorts or even just a pair of jeans, she never fails to look fashionably stylish. She’s never afraid to try different things with her hair, she’s never scared of using bright colours, and she always seems to enjoy changing her make-up. I know Cara is still only a young girl, and has plenty time to grow into her own style, but at the moment, I think Poppy deserves just as much attention with fashion, as Cara does.


Don’t worry, I still adore Cara and I think she is a great idol for young girls (once she doesn’t do anything toooo silly!) and she deserves the fame and recognition that she is receiving, BUT the media need to give her a break at the same time, because she’s still only nineteen, she doesn’t need all that drama. She is a young girl that has achieved a dream very soon in life, and I hope that we’ll be seeing much more of her in the future. Even though, I still wish young girls wouldn’t dress as much as like her, as they do. I think taking inspiration from her style is perfect, but I think trying to be her…doppelganger? Is just a teenie bit too far.

I hope to see you all again soon,


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