I want my college wardrobe to be like this…


Floral by madhanniex 

As some of you may know, well if you follow me on Twitter you’ll certainly know because of my constant moaning, this year I’m in Sixth Year. Which is the Irish equivalent of the A-Levels. The terrifying exams that take two whole years to work at, (which nobody actually does until the month before!), they cause an immense amount of pressure and stress, and then they only actually take up two weeks at the start of June. It’s crazy when you think about how important these ‘huge’ exams are to anyone who wants to go to college. If you do bad in them, you mightn’t get into the college you want or get the course you want, which could then burst every dream you ever had for your future. However, in my opinion I think they’re so frustrating because they are really just testing how well you can learn off things, not about what you really know, because if you’re anything like me and go completely blank when you get given the papers, then they’re terrifying. I think they should be continuous assessments, because then everything they would’ve learned in class that week or month, would be still somewhat fresh in their mind. Rather than having an exam on things you learned about a year and a half ago, it’s so annoying.
However if you’re not good at exams don’t panic, because I’m a great believer in “If it’s for you, it won’t pass you”, so if something is meant to be for you, I promise it will happen. If you have a dream that you’re willing to work hard for to get it, you will get it.
ANYWAYS, I’ve gone off the point yet again, my main point was to give a little run-down on College because when I was “creating” this outfit I had next year in mind. I’m hoping to go to college next year, as you may have guessed, and I am so excited. I just hope to get the points I need in my Leaving Cert first! I’m hoping to get into a course on “Marketing, & Online Media”, so I think you may hear A LOT more from me on this blog next year. Especially with no school uniform, I may do outfit posts, because I’m not going to be one of those college girls that wears Tracksuits everyday. Well to be honest, I don’t think I could handle it, my clothes are my key-to-confidence. Some people use alcohol, some people use boyfriends/girlfriends, whereas I use my love for clothes and dressing up. That’s the reason why I love having the excuse to wear heels. I just can’t wait for next year really (hopefully I’ll get the points needed and get actually accepted into the course!) and everything about it.

Sorry about that little rant, but I felt I had to write a little more on this post since I haven’t written that much recently.

Lots of Love,



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