"You’ve got a friend in me…"

I wrote this on my Tumblr (http://scrapbookedstylee.tumblr.com/) a week & abit ago, and it made people smile, and even made some of my friends tear up. I’m so happy they liked It, so here I am throwing it up here for ye guys to see. I know this is meant to be a “style” blog, but HEY isn’t feelings apart of your style, eh? Sorry for ranting, but here it is & a photo of my year group (on crazy hair day for Amenah), which has most of my best friends, BUT not all of them…

Ever since I’ve been away, and yes I know I’ve only been away a week & a bit. It has made me appreciate my friends and shown me how much they mean to me. It’s been an incredibly hard year for everyone, and we even all had other problems added onto that. But no matter what, we were always there for each other. If anything It’s brought us closer than we could ever imagine.
It has brought me closer to girls who, this time last year, I never even knew their name. Some of my now best friends are ones I’ve only came close to in the recent months, whereas some were my past best friends and we grew apart & are now closer than ever, even the one amazing one that is no longer in sight but never ever out of my mind and then there are the rare few that I’ve never left go of since primary school. Yeah ye know who ye are, I hope.
I love you guys.You have helped me power through this year, and I hope I’ve helped ye.
You’ve given me advice when I’ve needed it most, and taken my advice when given
You have nearly conviced me I’ve got a chance with the guy I like, however I still don’t believe you.
You’ve played & done up my hair and turned it from a mess (sometimes greasy) to a masterpiece.
You’ve created in-jokes & in-songs with me, and ones that when I hear them, you’re always in my head.
YOU have changed me so much, from a shy little first year to a girl fairly-happy in her own skin to being able to stand up for myself, dress the way I want, smile when I want & talk to boys when I can.
You have given me boosts when I’ve needed cheering up.
Ye’ve given me shoulders to cry on, and understood my tears, while I hope I’ve given them back. And always will have a shoulder spare…
You have given me the chance to be more myself and accepted my flaws/mistakes.
You have put up with my downs and extreme hyper ups.
You have let me gossip about nothing, on a daily basis, and let me ask you the stupidest questions at the stupidest times. While always answering them.
You have given me the best Birthday I’ve had in a while, OKAY I didn’t have a party (yet!) but you gave me the best hugs for it and showed me who my true friends are.
You’ve let me rant, chat, spill, dance and laugh at all times. No matter what class or day it was (Maths, Irish, Religion, Geography, Beach Party, etc…)
You’ve been yourselves, and weren’t afraid to show your true personality, ‘cause trust me I accept them all.
You have created to do lists with me for the summer, createdmust dodays and make me feel wanted in your life.

You have been you. You have let me be me.

You are amazing. I love you & only you guys. If you don’t know who you are, you’re a silly banana.

Lots of love,
                   Hannah .x.


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