NYFW ’11

New York is back in into it’s element this week, with the streets full of towering heels, on-trend colours, and plenty Alica-bitch-long-legs (Confessions of a Shopaholic quote, for those of you who don’t know!). Yes you’ve heard it, NY Fashion Week is here. The catwalk was filled with with seventies glamour, bright colours, and extreme tailoring. While the front rows were filled with crazy celebrities, Nicki Minaj anyone? Fashion royalty oozing with criticism and slight compliments. Not forgetting of course the little bloggers, fashion crazed, sweating journalists trying to be the first to get the glimpse of the oncoming trends (Oh if I lived in New York…)
How I’d love to review every single show, and spread my love for all the new trends (I’m so proud of my wardrobe now!), but I wouldn’t like to bore you all, because every blog is doing it, so instead I’m just going to give you my top five celebrities at NYFW and explain why I fell in love with their crazy, simply cute, outfits.


The so called “Black Barbie”, which I think is an awful name on her, as she is actually quite talented, unique, and also Barbies are not gifted with her kind of assets…If you know what I mean (; I’m actually obsessed with her style at the moment, it’s so weirdly unexpected. Not in a Lady Gaga way, a little less classier, and MUCH more “plastic colour”. Carolina Herrera’s spring collection was welcomed by a multi coloured, pop-pom covered Minaj, with scary neon green 90’s net tights, orange & black snakeskin print wedges and polka dot orange and pale blue pleat skirt. Thank god, she kept her hair blonde for this, otherwise it would of stepped over the line of creepiness.

Oscar de la Renta was also graced with her “feline” presence, in a leotard.  Yes, I think you could call it a leotard, or maybe just underwear? This outfit is definitely oozing Gaga, and her obsession with wearing panties rather than pants (I guess if you’ve got the legs, you might as well show them off!) She was yet again seated beside the Queen Anna Wintour, in a River Island (I think) bear hat, black tights, leopard print ankle heels, with matching black & leopard print structured ensemble. For once, she looked somewhat “decent” for close minded people, but the hat & silver “Barbie” necklace, brought her back to her crazy self.

The people in the second row at Prabaul Guring’s S/S ’11 show, must of been so frustrated not being able to see past the iconic pink & white wig, with an very, very oversized pale pink bow, blocking their view. It really put the nail-on-the-head with her whole “Black Barbie” image. Floral print design tights (which I have very similar ones, thank you River Island), a grey tulle high waist skirt (with imitation turquoise braces), a purple & pink knotted bikini/sports bra/whatever top and teal coloured, round toe wedges. She really proved that she can wear anything, and she doesn’t care whether its rated best or worst. Not forgetting her bright pink pretzel necklace, that tops of the madness of the outfit.

You’ve gotta love her!


A surprise visit was made by the aunt-to-be (probably godmother!), the younger sister of Beyonce. She really is making her own mark in the fashion world, by stepping out in on trend, suiting style, with her own twist of course! She was spotted at Charlotte Ronson’s show in a black & gold backing drop waist play-suit, with white Peter Pan collar, on-trend leopard print clutch bag, statement black and cream stone bangle, and iconic McQueen Claw shoes.
Luca Luca was graced with her front row presence on day two of NYFW. Seated beside the also well dressed Disney star, Ashley Tisdale (yet she still wasn’t out-dressed!) in leopard print, open toe (cross over?) wedges, white exotic print silk shirt, khaki pants (which I’m not sure whether they were a “cotton” jean fabric or plazzo pants?) a statement antique-gold Egyptian style necklace, all finished off with bright yellow painted nails. For one girl who was also in her sisters shadow, really stood out this week, and I bet is now many young girls new style crush. 

She wasn’t alone though for J. Crew’s show, she was acquainted with her soon mother-to-be sister, Beyonce. Solange stepped out in a light navy blue & gold silk-satin pants, bright pink sleeveless shirt with oversized grey trim bow, gold strapped heels and her daily love of statement jewellery. While Beyonce wore two outfits, one was a very classy wrap, below-the-knee, gold sequin dress, with matching under the bust dress, and nude peep toe shoes. While the second was a more creative dress, full of fun (showing that just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t experiment with her fashion choices) for Rodarte’s show. This was a nude leather “loose” bodice dress with a tulle/net under-tulip skirt and gorgeous nude, grey and dark grey heels, which finish off the ensemble. Definitely, WATCH this space…


These two beautiful young talented sisters are after taking the acting world be storm, with their simple beauty, white blonde hair and pure talent for acting, are now after taking NYFW by storm too. Who’d think that they’re only ged 17 & 13? They were seen at the Rodarte Show, both dressed with a vintage age. Dakota in an off white lace shift-neck dress, with fringed shoulders & neckline, with a ripped chiffon asymmetric skirt, teamed with stunning cream wrap-leg leather heels. Whereas Elle went for a cream & gold jumpsuit, with an exquisite triangular neckline, and high waisted, wrongly teamed with black triple-T-bar heels.

Even at the Rodarte after-show they kicked up a fashion storm, Dakota went for a more rock-chick outfit (suiting her role in her latest film “Cherrybomb” with Kirsten Stewart) with a black leather knee-length skirt, white Rodarte print tee, teamed with black patent ankle boots. Whereas Elle went for a more a laid back look with a nude pink high neck tee, tucked into monochrome harem pants and the same black triple-T-bar heels. Both with their hair draped across their shoulders.

Whereas for Marc Jacobs they were both papped alone, I guess Dakota must of been busy on a new film eh? Elle was seen at the show in a Red two piece suit, consisting of shorts and an oversized, high neck “jumper”, with black chunky, strapped nearly-wedges. Dakota was then spotted later in a gorgeous tweed shift beige dress, with cream & pink daisy print, metallic silver clutch bag and awfully matched white/plastic sandals.

Lastly, I can’t of without mentioning, the one. The only. Anna Wintour.

Spotted getting comfortable with her new best friend Nicki Minaj at Carolina Herrera (sign of a new Vogue cover? Please!) She was dressed in an orange, shift, cap sleeved dress, with nude sandals and of course her iconic oversized glasses perfectly sitting under her well shaped bob, and a high-neck statement gold embellished necklace. If only had her glamorous, fashion oozing, hard-working, famous job. She can conquer the world, well I guess she kind of has?

Hope you enjoyed this celebrity jam packed post, I did (that wasn’t meant to sound sarcastic!)
                 Lots of Love,
                                     Hannah .x.


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  1. Leah says:

    Ohh Hannah :') I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE this post 😀
    One of my favourites so far 😉


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