Why can’t all guys be stylish?

With a new season coming up, and the wardrobes being raided, and removed, I’d like to hope that the guys wardrobe’s are too. I think that guys need to up their style stakes these days, because stylish men are what women are now looking for, and I know I am. Take it from the magazines, and these five young boys that took the xfactor stage by storm. Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Louis, more well known as One Direction. Since the very start, to present day they know how to rock it. You can’t get any more stylish than them, ticking all the boxes with their nude chino’s, baseball jackets, plim.soles, high tops or doc martens, and even their hair giving them all their own twist on life. Even when they wear suit’s they don’t fail to make it their own.

Balmain’s new Spring ’12 collection really proved the point of style. It portrayed prim & proper “London boy”, grunge and with a slight twist of a sixties teddy boy.
Balmain’s creative team must of stalked my conversation with my friend Leah, about guy’s style, because this is literally what we meant. Skinny jeans, turn ups, chinos, blazers, denim jackets, military jackets, hooded tees, scarves to accessorise, and just plain tee’s to not take the attention of it all away, and make it more casual & easy to pull off. The only thing I didn’t like was puffed jackets, but sometimes I’ve got to admit it can work.
I’ll make this short and sweet as I don’t think guys enjoy reading too much about Fashion (even though they’d be surprised how much they’d learn). So here’s a few High street must haves that guys (with style) should have in their wardrobe. Here’s abit of an edgy outfit, for a guy with guts that wants to pull off the Liam Payne look!
Chinos from River Island. Check shirt from Topman. Hooded Cardi from H&M Men. Red Converse (Red stripe from the shirt of course). Trilby for the final summer touch from Topman (Beanie would also be amazing!)
I know it’s abit “far fetched” for guys, but It’s just my opinion, and my own twist on Liam Payne’s sexy ass style.
Hope you enjoyed, this post by the way is dedicated to all guys who need a bit of direction in the style stakes (see what I did there?) also to Leah ( http://leahosullivan.tumblr.com/ )<3
Lots of Love,
Hannah .x.

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