Winter Trends: Lace/Embroidery & Chiffon

Summer collections are on sale and out the door, making room for the new “snow proof” collections. One of the biggest trends that has hit the shops is the true definition of femininity. You may always imagine these two fabrics only used together for Wedding dresses, but as Bob Dylan sang “Times they are a changin” Even though Kate Moss and Lily Allen had their wedding dresses, vintage lace, (pity Kate Moss didn’t have the right underwear)

I began to notice this trend when I was in Paris about two weeks ago, the streets were full of it and the shops just adored it in their windows. Lace. Chiffon. Prepare to embrace them into your wardrobes. I have already by getting this adorable knee length, cream chiffon dress with a lace (embroidered) “crop top” sewn onto it, very Florence Welch at Glastonbury 2010
Many designers have embraced this trend with open arms for the coming season. Givenchy has released a collection full of whites and gold, chiffons, lace, sequins and embroidery and just shown the elegance of feminine couture.

Sarah Burton for McQueen has also fell in love with this trend, partly because she created it for Kate Middleton for the stunning wedding dress. Ms Burton mainly used chiffon and embroidery, rather than lace in her collection, but the detailed embroidery was exquisite, the use of gold upon black is stunning, very classy and oozes a Victorian style era.

Last but not least, the most delicate of all lace’s which would make any girl look like a modern day princess. Elie Saab designed cream, blue, navy and gold sequin covered creations with amazing detail and embellishments. Emma Watson even wore one of his lace designs to Harry Potter DH2 premiere after party, and looked amazing as usual.

If you’re like me though, and haven’t got the money for couture designer dresses, you can get them in every high street shop there is, from Topshop to H&M to River Island. Just enjoy all the trends this season, and try them all, the only way you’ll know if they fail, is if you try them first.
Best of luck girls (:
Lots of Love,
Hannah .x.

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