Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows Part 2: Premiere Red Carpet

18,000 people waited in Trafalgar Square for the cast of Harry Potter. The first to encounter the screams, cries and flashes of paparazzi was Rupert Grint, looking as dashingly handsome as ever with his new haircut, in a classic black suit, and gave one of the cutest, genuine speeches on-stage. Followed by not so peroxide haired Tom Felton accompanied by his girlfriend Jade Olivia in a white strapless full length fish tail dress, finished with ruffles upon ruffles decorating the tail of the dress.

Also looking quite dapper in their unique suits were James & Oliver Phelps, the twins you all know as Fred & George Weasley, the jokers that will never be forgotten. They always had to dress the same (similar) in the films, so in the “real” world the try their very best to dress differently, in which they did. One came dressed in a beige ensemble, and the other came dressed in a typical black suit, both looking lovely and sadly not red heads. Also dressed very classy, who also had a female acquaintance (lucky girl) was Matt Lewis, the adorable Neville Longbottom. Who looked extremely handsome was Jason Issacs, he’s so lovely, even during the interview he is genuinely a gentleman. Not forgetting Albus Dumbledore, Mr Weasley and of course my new addiction Domhnall Gleeson, the dashing Red Headed Irish man, who came in a messy stylish suit, with two ties…Only an Irish man can get away with it.

The girls pretty much stole the show though, between Evanna Lynch in a chiffon short cream, tulle underskirt dress with amazing black “gladiator” heels. Clemence Posey looking as stunning as ever in a short white ruffled dress, with black waistband and matching black peep toes. Bonnie Wright was one of the girls that stole the show in an elegant champagne silk ruffled shirt, with silk maxi skirt dress, with her gorgeous red hair loosely caught back, and not forgetting her beautiful fiancée following her, King Arthur himself, Jamie Campbell Bower. Also Bellatrix graced her evil presence on the Red carpet, in a wacky (as usual) deep green dress, with a pale pink corsage head piece, in which she admittedly regretted in the on stage interview, but as  she IS Helena Bonham Carter, she got away with it!
The young girl, turned woman who stole the show, hands down, was of course the intelligent, beautiful half muggle-blood Hermonie Granger, who is the talented Emma Watson. Who embraced the red carpet in an Oscar De La Renta ruffled heaven, with an invisable shift neckline, and sequin embellished corset. She couldn’t have chosen a more exquisite dress to finish her Harry Potter life. 
The Boy who Lived. Harry Potter himself eventually arrived, after coming the whole away from New York, looking as handsome as ever in a grey & black, three-piece suit. Welcomed by screams that nearly deafened himself. How much has changed from the little 11 year old that graced our screens 10 years ago, to the man that is embracing New York Broadway today.
J.K Rowling, the woman that created this craze, who made our childhood fantasy, who gave us a chance to experience the amazing world of wizardry, all because of that little napkin that she scribbled the beginning of a wizard boy, Harry Potter. She disembarked from the chauffeured car in a strapless minty-olive green gown, decorated with pink roses, with her hair tied up in a half bun-pony, with a matching baby pink clutch & rose diamanté earrings.

Lots of Love,
                    Hannah .x.

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