Dior Haute Couture A/W ’11

On the 4th of July, Independence day, Dior yet again graced the Paris Rodin Museum catwalk with their ever amazing Haute Couture collection. At least it shows that Dior doesn’t actually need John Galliano if they can produce a full show, as exquisite as this then they are perfect. Dior’s temporary boss Bill Gaytten and his assistant Susanna Venegas stood in John Galliano’s shoes for it, and it seems they fitted him better than any other shoe could. They turned the museum into a magical fairytale full of Vibrant bold colors, audacious prints, outstanding dresses, ribbons of chiffon and magical headpieces which adorned the models as they paraded down the catwalk looking like  fairytale princesess. 
They encapsulated many colours into the collection, which was draped across chiffon, sequins &  geometric fabrics. The autumn tones were smouldering in fiery reds, oranges and yellows that 
gradually cooled to blues, greens, graphites and nude shades.
One of the constantly used pieces were skirts. Skirts that looked like a giant rose blossoming from the waist of the models, in nude’s & pink tones. Sending off a fifties theme, shwoing elegance and femininity. Matched with back-combed frizzy hair, and sequin/ruffled adorned “jumpers”.

The headpieces were formed from a child’s building block set, in shades of pastel blue, green, pink & lemon. Matched with fifties style outfits, also co-ordination with the pastel coloured theme
Shoes were also very statement in their own right, following the lines of geometric, metallic, pastel tones and pain, cause they really looked like a pain to walk in, but who cares once they look good, and boy they did! Fashion over Comfort in my eyes, since you never get complimented how comfortable you look right?
The closing gowns of the show were full lenght, tired ball gowns full of chiffon, satin, ruffles, tier’s, sequins, and colours like orange, yellow, nudes, black & white. Also statement headpieces & hairstyles like the moon, and fifties hairstyles slicked back with glamour curls shaping the models faces.
The finale dress…I don’t think it needs any explanation, I’ll just let the dress & circus headpiece do the talking.
To finish this post on the make up, it was so amazing, full of colour, detail, sequins and the extreme work the make-up artists went through to create this look. It really suited the theme of extravagance, fun, colour & sequins. Embellished onto a pale foundation and matched with a dark rouge lipstick.
Dior, without Galliano, really isn’t much different, which shows he isn’t the main brains behind the collections, which is very disappointing.
Lots of Love,
                                   Hannah .x.


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