Red Heads

Yes I know I am a red head & I sound cocky writing about myself, but I’m not going to. This year everyone seems to be dying their hair Red, & thank god not ruining their natural red locks (we mightn’t look as extinct yet!) so I said I’d post a few pictures to show I’m still alive, not dead like my blog ūüėõ x

They say its the colour of Summer 2011, Finally ūüôā

Paloma Faith Adds Quirky Accessories To Create A Retro Look With Her Red Hair, 2011Debra Messing's Gold Jewellery Is The Perfect Accessory For Darker Red Hues, 2009

How stunning are all these women, red hair may be the trigger for bullying, but as lady gaga said “The best way to live, is to stick out like a sore thumb”, so thats what we do. I may hate it sometimes, because of people shouting “GINGER!” but I always eventually get over it, and notice how I really love my hair, how it always stands out in photo’s, how I’m¬†noticed¬†(As my friend says “All publicity is good publicity!”) and how it expresses my bright, bubbly personality.
The one famous Redhead, that I always looked upto because I thought she was always naturally beautiful: with her round cute face, freckles speckled across her cheeks and her golden red hair draped across her shoulders, was Lily Cole. Beautiful. Known for her fiery locks. Has gone & dyed it, disappointing. Hopefully it was just for a job, and it is wash out, but look. It speaks for itself.

Lots of  Love,
                       Hannah .x.

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