The ongoings of the latest celebrity world…

Hey Guys, Longtime no chat! Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately, but I’ve been pretty busy. The times where I wish I had a laptop that I could sit anywhere and BLOG, but No.
The good old fashioned computer, spending most of my time on Facebook, ECDL & Doing Projects. What a
exciting life I’ve got eh?
Since Theres been soo much going on lately, I couldn’t blog about EVERYTHING. So I decided to add in a few random bits first, and then properly blog about The MET Ball, that took place in NY earlier this week. Firstly a few words on THE Royal Wedding (Yep that’s how behind I am:S) How beautiful did Kate (now Catherine!) Middleton look, in her stunning Alexander McQueen lace embellished, satin, Grace Kelly inspired Gown, with her Lace trimmed face, draped over her natural loosely curled hair? As we cannot forget the most talked about woman on the day, Pippa Middleton. Kate’s Maid of Honor in another white satin, figure-hugging, waterfall necklined dress. The sisters really gave the crowd exactly what we were looking for, Stylish, Elegance.

As of course William and Harry looked gorgeous, words cannot explain how handsome they looked, I’ll let the picture do the talking…
Cannes Film Festival is taking place this weekend, so I decided to give you my few favourites from Day 1 (not in order though) from the night, and abit of Gaga aswell, cause I am true a little monster you know?
Uma Thurman in Versace.

Rachel McAdams in White Shift Maxime Simoene gown & Red Lace Marchesa.

Salma Hayek in a stunning silver beaded gown & then changed in an unusual Gucci, “Latex” Red Dress with unusual Ruffled shoulder design.
 Not forgetting THE Lady GaGa, preforming Judas in a Spanish Bullfighters Red, Black & Gold embellished outfit. She was also seen earlier while rehearsing in Black Tights, Underwear & a Leather, gold embellished Waistcoat.

Finally, The long awaited annual MET Ball time has come,  with the Red Carpet full of stunning gowns, tux’s and also some fashion mishaps (Ashley Olsen, I’m disappointed!). I’m going to put down my favorite few, and just collage them like a scrapbook, and then my absolute top  FAVORITE.
This is my absolute favorite. 
Miranda Kerr (Marchesa) & Orlando Bloom (WOW).
The saying “A picture says a Thousand words”, really is proven in this picture.
What a lucky baby…
Hope you enjoyed it all,
                                    Lots of Love,
                                                         Hannah .x.

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