Red Hair…

I don’t get this obsession with Red Hair at the moment, just because Rhianna did it, Cheryl Cole did it, doesn’t mean the started it.

My natural hair colour IS Red, and I used to always hate it because everywhere I went I got, “GINGEEEER” shouted at me. Yet know the girls that did that, have now gone and died their hair Red. It seriously annoys me, I lopve my Hair, and no matter how many people tell me to dye it, or change it it any way, are just jeleous, that they were born Brunetter, or Blonde. I’ve got nothing against those colours, trust me, I love all hair colours, but I guess as one person used to always tell me:
“When your walking through a bustling city, full of thousands of people, what hair colour sticks ot the most? Red Hair? Yes.”
I was also reading the Janurary issue of Company magazine the other day (Best.) It said that the colour of 2011 is Red, all thanks to natural born Red Heads – Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks & Girls Aloud member Nicola Roberts (Janurary’s cover-girl). Also my 2010 Style Icon. Florence Welch. I loved reading that page over, and over again. I just wanted to shove it up in some peoples face’s and say “HA. Bet you regret saying ALL that now?” but I’m too nice, I’m over it. You can’t change the past, but you can always have an imput in the Future. I also saw a quote in the corner that said:
“Girls with Red Hair show they aren’t afraid to be different or creative”
Which proves my point, I’m not one of those girls that follows the crowd, I might follow a few trends, but I try to mix them & put my own statment onto it. It may get me weird or dirty looks these days, but in the future hopefully, it will stand with me.
I’m not going to change it for ANYONE.
End of rant.
– Hannah.x.

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