Quick Hello^^

Sorry guys I haven’t been blogging much, but I’ve been quite busy these past few weeks. I have to say Transition Year is HECTIC, I may not be learning much subjects, but I’m learning new skills, seeing my best subjects (English & Art, I think) and Work Experience. I’ve also never done so many projects in my life from Geography to Art to Science (Eww).
I must say though I am really enjoying it, from building new friendships, focusing more on my future career and also becoming more of my own person, because this year I have to say I feel different, alot more myself. Even the teachers have said that…Lets say I’m not complaining(;
Next on the list….BOYS.
Nothing on THAT topic yet, but hopefully^^.
I’ve also created my own Tumblr account, also called ScrapbookedStylee as I want it to be linked to this blog, my baby. I must say it’s pretty random, but I love it…Full of Fashion, Music, Art, Romance, Films, TV & of course Boys, sure what do you expect from me?


I better pop off,
Sorry this took so long, I will try to be more in a “Blogging Mood”, but If I can’t, I still love you all!
                        Lots of Love,


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