2011 is finally here…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! So 2011 has finally come, after a busy yet exciting year! I must say 2010 went very fast, between going ot New Zealand, My Junior Cert/G.C.S.Es and going over to England. It’s been full of fun, new friendships and plenty of nerves! It was a good year, but it wasnt the best! I hope 2011 will be great, better than last year and one of the best years yet. Have you got any new years resolutions ? I do! A few actually…
To be more positive and try TAKE compliments.
To just be myself, and try let nobody knock me down!
To take chances, good chances(;
To make new friendships.
To just enjoy, and have fun:D

New Year in Fashion means…
New style obsessions.
New styles and trends.
New and up-coming Designers. I
 think that this year is going to be based and influenced on the 60s & 70s …THE BEST(:
Twiggy style…Full of Bright, bold colours, Heavy Eyeliner, Bobbed Hair and of course the evolution of the Shift Dress.

Guess what is also good about this year…it was announced on New Years at midnight in NY. Yeah, You know it…. Lady GaGa’s BORN THIS WAY. The single is going to be released on Feburary 13th. The long awaited album is going to be released on May 23rd , guess I know what I’m asking for, for my Birthday(; After seeing her in concert on 26th of October, My love, respect and pure awe for her, just multiplied by 1000000 etc.! From playing all her songs off of “The Fame” and “The Fame Monster”, accompanioed by THREE different Stages and SIXTEEN costume changes.
Shes my true Icon , In style, music and just pure personality.

This is also the year of THE Royal Wedding, the wedding of the century. Prince William and Kate Middleton. I must review that wedding, or should I say that dress, She really looked the part when they announced their engagement, the dress suited her perfectly and also coincidently matched the ring. Princess Diana’s ring. Ms Middleton has alot to live upto, but so far…I do like her, she is very Classy, Modest and sophisticated.

There is also a big loss this year…The last EVER Harry Potter movie. No more Ron Weasley :,( Oh how I wish I was Hermonie Granger. The last installment “Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows: Part 2” is going to be released this summer, and boy will it be missed.

Glad I bought all the DVDs so far, so I can have Ron Weasley on REPLAY.

Sorry I just love him.

I will try and blog much more this year, to keep you all up-to-date with all the new trends, shows designers.
Hope this year will be good for all of ye,
Lots of Love,
                  Hannah .x.


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