Christmas Cosies(:

Since Christmas is exactly two weeks away, I said Id do a little post to get you in a Christmasy mood with some “Christmas Cosies”.

When people think of Christmas Cosies they usually think of that dodgy Black knitted, Rudolph Jumper Colin Firth wears in Bridget Jones, can you imagine if a guy came started chatting you up wearing…That:/
Don’t worry I’m not going to show you all cheesy jumpers full of Elves & Santas dancing around…Im going to show the stylish, cosy and awfully fashionable Christmas Delights!
For the past while the High Street has been kitted out with Knitted (See what I did there?) They have ranged from Scarfs to Jumpers and Cardigans to Knee Socks.
But now…ITS CHRIIIISTMASSSSSSSSS (Time to get out those Christmas CDs and seasonalise your ipod!)
Time for even cosier jumpers, with a Christmas theme! Dont worry though they dont have to be red & green. Heres a few I found on the High Street…
The first Two Jumpers are from Topshop, aswell as the Monochrome Cardigan. Whereas the Pale Blue & White Reindeer long cardigan is from New Look. Theyre all Stylish, Fun, Cosy & Subtle(:
Hope you all enjoyed this short post, Have a very Merry Christmas(:
Keep Cosy Tweeps (Sorry I’m a Twitter Addict^^)!?
Lots of Love,
Hannah .x.

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