Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2011

When I thought of Alexander McQueen S/S 2011 by Sarah Burton collection struuted down the Runway at the recent Paris Fashion Week. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect. All of us fashion lovers miss McQueen since he passed away last Feburary. We all hoped that the creativeness and adventure behind McQueens collections wouldn’t “die” with him. And after seeing this collection, we were shown that It clearly didn’t, Congratulations are in hand for Mrs Burton.

This collection was full of Creams, Oranges, Golds & Blacks. These colours were shown through an array of fabrics & textures such as; Chiffon & Satins. Butterflys & Feathers.
They’re were many statement peices in this collection such as the Orange Butterfly Dress, which was Mid-Calf Length with McQueens Iconic Hard Structure. It had Orange Butterflies cascading the neckline, with matching butterflies on the Gold T-Bar shoes. It kind-of had a similarity to Manish Arora’s 2005 Maxi Butterfly Dress.
Another Statement dress was a Maxi, full of Ruffles & Tiers. It was full of Browns, Whites, Creams & Blacks, with a “dirty” Cream & Black ruffles, falling from the waist down to the ground. With a high neckline, that was also ruffled. It was Iconic, it kind-of reminds me of Serenas Bridesmaid Dress (for her Mom & Bart Bass’ Wedding) in Gossip Girl.
Not forgetting the Fish Tail, Ruffled-Rouched dress. Covered in a sea of Balcks, Whites & Greys. With a closed “Polar” style neckline, with cap sleeves. For some reason it reminds me of a bed of roses, in a garden of sadness… Maybe to represent McQueens death? Anyway, Its a dress that I think has a deep meaning behind it.
There was many other amzing dresses in this collection, mostly created from Chiffon in clolours of White, Golden Brown & Sunset Orange. With Thick gold waist belts adding a boho/gypsy sheek to the dresses.
There was also Cage like dresses, similar to the structure of the Orange Butterfly Dress. There was one in Monochrome, that was the same as Orange Butterfly but without the Butterflies, with a floral type design instead! There was also a Wicker Dress, Very Cage like, with a low cut V-neckline, which was also hemmed in a fringe like fabric also made of Wicker (like Hawaian Hula skirts!), which also trimmed the dress.
The hairstyle was very laid back, with loosley tied plaits framing the faces, and falling on the well dressed shoulders. (below right)
Overall it was a great show, if you don’t believe check it out on Youtube –>
Lots of Love,
Hannah .x.

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