Poetry :)

So today I’m its another something different, something creative. Its like music, but without a tune. Its stylish & quite fashionable. Yeah you’ve guessed it, Poetry.
I wrote a small poem today, and I said I’d put it up to see what people think. Its quite a romantic poem, but I guess that’s what all us Teenage Girls write about. Romance/Love, Boys & Fashion 🙂

by Hannah Hewetson
Seagulls squawk as I rush past.
Hands Trembling.
Tears running down my cheeks.
Sand burning beneath my feet.
Waves crashing angrily against the rocks.
My dress getting caught in the sand.
Its not so white anymore.
My hand clasping onto my white satin heels.
Red curls falling loosely by my ears.
Whispers are heard as I fly past.
I see a man sitting on the rocks.
Face in hands.
Blazer crumpled at his feet.
I fall down beside him. Crying.
“Sorry” he whispers, putting his arms around me.
Running. No more.

There was another little bit of my creativeness shown to you, Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.
Lots of Love,
Hannah .x.

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