Finally Americas September has come…

When I walk into a shop I always go look at the magazine rack, y’no to read the latest gossip, fashion trends and to see what the latest issue of Glamour, Harpers Bazzar, Vanity Fair et. Fashion photoshoots are like (My friends always give out to me for spending too long over there!) As I was walking towards the more expensive section I finally saw IT. I have waited all year for it, since I watched the DVD documentary about it. Yes, that’s right… THE September Issue of American Vogue. The beautiful Halle Berry had the privilege of embracing this Septembers cover.

I must say I was a little -not alot- Disappointed, obviously Halle Berry is naturally beautiful, but I think they didn’t show it as best as they could! Her hair was very severe against her face, it was poker straight! To be honest I think Halle Berry’s hair is amazing, but in my opinion I think that it is much nicer wavy & natural. Also they didn’t let her smile come out. That gorgeous, Iconic smile of hers. She has one of the brightest, whitest & biggest smile in all of America, and THE September Issue of Vogue only let her smile/pout with her lips, showing none of that whiteness. Don’t get me wrong she still looked amazing: Her colour, her make-up, her clothes, her jewelery & also her pose/posture. Overall the cover was great, with the Gold background and Fuschia Pink, Black & White writing capturing your attention, yet not shoving it in your face. Just Right. Does anyone agree with me or disagree? Send/Tweet me your opinions @MadHannieXD

Sorry, I hope I didn’t offend anyone, It was still amazing, and she did look gorgeous as always.

Lots of Love,
Hannah .x.


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