GMD3 #NewObsession

So today I’m going to do something completly different! Not really Fashion related, since this is called Scrapbooked Style, meaning its a “Scrapbook of Style” hence Fashion (mostly!), Photography, Music & Style. So in the past Month Ive done mostly Fashion & Style, I also did one post on Photography so today I’m going to do Music 🙂
The other day I got bored of listening to the same old music on my Itunes, I decided to turn on YouTube. While i was watching random videos from Florence & The Machine to Bob Dylan to The Wanted, I came accross this Brand-New Band called GMD3! Theyre kindof RnB/Acoustic. The band consists of Three, Teenage Guys: Greg West (16), Michael Parsons (16) & Dan Ferrari-Lane (17).

Greg, Micky & Dan are just three normal guys with a strong passion for music, and that are amazingly talented. They only started uploading videos 1 month ago, and they’ve done covers of: Chris Brown – Crawl, Justin Beiber – You Smile, Jason Derulo – In My Head & the even have their own song “Hey” (Told you they were AWESOME!?) They’ve got voices that even Simon Cowell would be wowed by!
Check the guys out on their YouTube:. channel
YOU MUST also follow the guys on Twitter:. @GMD3music
Or their Personal Twitters:. @Dan_GMD3 . @Greg_GMD3 . @Micky_GMD3
They’re Young, Talented, Really Nice & as you can see ALL three of them are preety hot too 😉

Lots of Love,
Hannah .x.


One Comment Add yours

  1. mcflyrocks24 says:

    Hey! That's a wonderful introduction to the guys!
    They truly are amazing and very talented! Can't wait to hear the new music they've been making today!



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