Autumn Trends #Musthaves

So today I said I’d do something different! Instead of focusing on one Trend and showing how to wear it, who’s wearing it, etc. I said I’d focus on the trends of the upcoming season. Autumn. There are many trends hitting the catwalk this A/W 2010, so everyone seems to be getting confused on whats in/out because every magazine has something different to say about Autumn Trends. So I’m going to (hopefully) set you on the right track to looking good this Autumn, but don’t worry you don’t have to wear them all at once! 😉

So Burburry has told us to ditch our Denim Jackets, and pretend to be Amelia Earhart by embracing this Leather clad, Sheepskin collared Jacket. You know what, I’m going to give it a go ’cause its cosy, casual yet stylish, and can be worn with nearly everything, from jeans to skirts, even with a Jersey Maxi to give it an edge?

So Camel is THE colour this Autumn as Aquascutum proved in their A/W 2010 Collection. They say its the “New Black”. I must say though if your like me you will have to be brave to try it, this isn’t a trend that I’m a fan of, but many people really suit this colour. Many people can pull this off, even the girls with pale skin!
Knited Chunky.
This is the time where your call up your Granny and ask her to get her Knitting needles out. Chloe “Killed two birds with the one stone” #quote with their A/W 2010 Collection, by creating a Chunky Knitted Skirt & Jumper ensemble in a Camel colour. Don’t worry though you don’t have to go the full Chunky Knit road, all you have to do is either get your granny or pop down to your local high street & buy a Chunky Knitted Jumper with a Print on it! Then just wear it casual with skinny jeans & converse or DocMartens = Awesomeness!
Maxi yourself out.
So before you start getting rid of all your Summer wardrobe, DONT! Keep that maxi dress that you’ve practicaly lived in all summer & make it Autumn ready. Ralph Lauren has proved that Maxis aren’t just for Summer. All he did was add a Long-Sleeved lace Top underneath to create it Autumn efficent. Don’t worry though ’cause I know we don’t all have Lace Jumpers in our wardrobe all you really have to do is get a Long-Sleeve (Scoop neck or V neck!) top the same colour as your maxi & wear Boots underneath it. Or just wear a jacket over it & wear a cami underneath the maxi, if your not brave enough 😉
Luxurious Lace.
So the 80’s are still coming back to haunt, i mean inspire us, this Autumn. Marc by Marc Jacobs has given us a preety good example on how to pull of lace, but not be freezing as soon as you step outside your door. Thick Lace, Polar-Neck, Long-Sleeve Dress. White & Simple. All you have to do is add white Tights and the “Ice Skating Queen” look is complete (I really like the sound of that to be honest!)
Fifties Fever.
Prada has showed us this A/W 2010, that its not just the 80’s that have come back to haunt, i mean inspire us, its also the 50’s fashion that are making a comeback. With their Fitted Shaped Jackets, Just below the knee, with shiny round buttons to cosy themselves up, oh and not forgetting to wear them with your leather gloves you know! Its a brave look, i think you need to have an overall 50’s style wardrobe influence, as this trend is not going to suit everyone.
So I hope I’ve given you some ideas of what the Autumn’s High Street is going to throw at you, I hope I’ve helped you with your confusion. I think I’ve even helped myself! Just one thing before I go, Don’t be worried when you walk into the shops, just look around, try stuff on, see what suits you. You don’t have to wear all of these, just attempt at least one of them, I know I’m going to try: The Aviator Jacket, Autumn Maxi Dress/Skirt, Chunky Knits & maybe even The Lace! I’ll put up pictures if I attept/buy any of the above.
Lots of Love,
Hannah .x.

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