Faux Fur ("Yeti" Style) #TrendAlert

So seen as the Summer is near its end, we need to get prepared for the Autumn breeze (or in Ireland. Rain.) So I’m going to introduce you to a Trend that is seen on nearly ever Catwalk this A/W 2010. Fur! Don’t worry though I’m not talking about killing all the animals and shaving them bare, I’m talking about Faux Fur, or Fake Fur to you. It is a brave trend and many people find it hard to wear, but it is actually not THAT hard to wear. If your not brave enough to go for the full on Fur Coat Glamour, just start off the easy way with a Faux Fur Bag or Scarf! Terribly small but noticeable.

So many designers embraced this Trend with opening arms, and used it in their A/W 2010 Campaigna. Chanel has had Faux Fur handbags and Woollen Knee-Length coats Trimmed with Faux Fur, while Dolce & Gabbana have gone for a more subtle use of Faux Fur by having “Yeti” boots. Even Lanvin has embraced this trend by using Glamorous & Luxurious style Faux Fur.
Don’t worry though if I haven’t convinced you yet just look at the celebrities, theyre even catching on to this trend, from the ever so stylish Sarah-Jessica Parker wearing her Beige & Tan Faux Fur coat to the British Style Icon Alexa Chung with her Leopard printed Coat even Ashley Olsen wears it (weather its Faux Fur or not) in a Gilet styled coat.

I know, I know, your not a person with Buckets of Millions of Euro, but there is no need to worry as our Trusty High Street has many Faux Fur items to give the Designers a run for their money. From Topshop with their White Faux Fur “Yeti” jacket, to River Island with their unique Fuchsia Pink “Yeti” coat & not forgetting Oasis with a Grey version of the “Yeti” coat. The “Yeti” coat is really a must have for your A/W wardrobe, no matter how brave or shy you are, anyone with Style can pull this off!
*No Animals were Harmed during this Post*
Hope you enjoyed, comment below as I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Lots of Love,
Hannah .x.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I really like you blogs , they are quite good .. for a beginner (:


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