Photography :)

So the name of this blog is Scrapbooked Stylee, because I want it to be a “Scrapbook” of “Style” meaning Photography, Fashion & Style.
So today I’m going to do a post on Photography. My photography to be precise. One day I went into the park with my friend Amenah Fitzpatrick (Twitter: @AmenahAlice_) and I decided to do like a photoshoot with her messing about in the Water Fountain. She wore pink polka-dot wellies, with a mini-skirt full of purples, blues, greens & pinks (awesome) with black opaque tights, oh and not forgetting her beloved red & white polka-dot Hello Kitty brolly. Isn’t she gorgeous?
These photos are just a bit of fun, some are edited & some are not. I’ve chosen nine of the best photos, I hope you like them! (:

Lots of Love,

Hannah .x.


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