Dior Haute Couture 2010 Autumn/Winter Collection

In the heart of the Musee Rodin Garden , John Galliano presented his Dior haute-couture fashion show dedicated to the floral arts. He Decorated the Catwalk with giant artificial Bright Orange & Red Flowers. The Models looked like they had just come out of a Parisian Florist with their Rose Covered, Tulip Skirts, Dresses resembling Flowers Blooming, Tulip Hair Styles & also Belts that resemble “Grass”. In my opinion though I think the Models reminded me most of the film “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” (Tim Burtons) as everything was so full of Colour, Creativity & Imagination. Also the Models Headpieces & Hair Styles looked like Sweets, with the plastic Pink, Purple, Green & Orange “wrapping” and a Tulip (Oompa Loompa 😉 ) Hair Style.
Overall though I think the Show was Amazing. I watched it over and over again on The Dior Website looking at all the tiny details on the Dresses, Skirts & Jackets.
I swear, Mr John Galliano is one of the Best Fashion Designers out there, and if this Collection doesn’t prove it to you, then I don’t know what will.
He opens the show with a Royal Purple”Felt like”, Ruffled Collared, Tulip Skirt Knee-Lenght Jacket, with a “Grass like” Bow Tie Belt. He then moved on to a Sea Green “Hairy Woolen” Fitted, Jacket just above the waistline of a Black (Well Structured) Tulip Skirt with Mauve, Royal Purple & Yellow Flowers. A White & Royal Purple Dress was not so long after it, it was tye-dye effect in the centre, with a “Grass like” Tie Bow Belt just under the bust, but this dress wasn’t your normal ever day dress! It resembled an actual Tulip, with its Large Petals as the Neckline & Skirt. Followed by two more Gorgeous Detailed Dresses: One … A Black 50s Housewife Styled Dress with Pale Pink & Yellow Loosely finishing off the skirt of the dress, looking like a Waterfall, Two … Pale Lime Green Ruffled Tulle Dress, with a Teal Coloured “Grass like” Loosely ted Bow Belt.

Finishing off the Show he had Five Outstanding Ball style Dresses. Here is the Three Final ones just to give you a jist of it ;). First, is a Mauve, Pale Blue & Yellow Dress, Tye-Dye effect again, Tulle Fabric with a Large Black Underskirt. Second, is a Black V-Neck Tiered Dress, with Yellow Netting & Pink, Yellow & Deep Purple Flower Image underneath showing out the front & back skirt. The Closing Dress was a One Sleeve Back Dress with a Royal Blue, Fuchsia Pink, Deep Purple & Dark Red Fabric pouring out just below the waistline imitating Blooming Flower Petals.
There is my Short Summary of the Flower Themed Dior Haute Couture 2010 A/W Collection.
Just before I finish off this post I will show how a Fashion Show is really finished off. By showing the Designer, and in this case, the Amzing, Iconic, John Galliano. In his Straw Boating Hat with Black netting Shading his face, Beige & White Ankle-Lenght pants with Cream “Pump Like” Ribboned shoes. This man is Pure Fashion Genius.
Hope You enjoyed it.
Lots of Love,
Hannah .x.

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