The Clog :)

I know when your hear the word Clog you think of Holland, don’t you?
Well the traditional clogs are made out of many different types of wood from willow to beech. They are most commonly associated with the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden as part of the touristic “Holland” image, where they are seen as a form of national dress. But I’m not talking about those ones with the Pointy Toe, Uncomfortable Wooden Sole & that make noises whenever you walk. Oh no! I’ m talking about those ones that you had when you were in the 90’s. Remember the ones with the leather strap around your ankle & they were always two sizes too big? Well the New Clogs, are ones that are Stylish, Wearable at any time of the day & even Comfortable! They are back (reformed, but back) and as unique as ever. They come in many different colours, Shapes & Sizes. But before you dash off to Holland I’m going to tell you They are NOT the ones from Holland! Got it?

Don’t worry though I’m not leading you into a Scam, they really are in. Go look at Chanel’s Spring/Summer Collection, Karl Lagerfield introduced, Pale Wooden, Cream Suede, Thick Heeled Clogs with a Cream Rose Corsage on the Right Side of the Trim. Also Louis Vuitton showed a different type of Clog (To be honest I didn’t like L.Vs ones) similar to a -Dubarry- Boating Shoe Dark Brown in Colour, Small Stubby like Rosewood Heel with a Cream Tassel on the lip of the Shoe & a Grey & Black Tassel Tail at the Back of the Shoe.

Its not just the Models on the Catwalk that are wearing them, Celebrities are too. From the Singer Ashlee Simpson in Black Leather Clogs with a Black Wooden heel to Actress Rachel Bilson in Red Coral Buckled Clogs with a Yellow(y) Wooden Hell and also Presenter Alexa Chung has been caught out in Dark Brown Clogs with Thick, Light Brown Wooden Heels. So don’t worry you wouldn’t be the only one wearing them!

I know, I know your not one of those people that can just afford Designer Clogs, paying with cash but you don’t have to worry. Just go down to your nearest High Street and they’re bound to have a pair that will suit your Personality, Style & Skin Tone. Topshop, Zara & River Island all have gorgeous Clogs on sale, all at an affordable price. Heck, Even Primark has Clogs waiting for you on their shelves just calling your name! And before you go Ive got to tell you, they aren’t all high you can get them in any Shape, Size, Height & Form (even Open-Toed ones). But don’t be afraid to accesorise them in any way with Corsages like Cahenl, Tassels like Louis Vuitton or if your handy with a needle and thread, why don’t you sew a few buttons onto them or even swatches of fabric!

So I hope I have persuaded you to invest in a pair of Clogs for this Summer (in my opinion, don’t throw them out then this Summer ends, keep them for another while 😉 ). Don’t be afraid of them, be brave & creative!

Lots of Love,

Hannah .x.


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